Tame Feral Dog?

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Tame Feral Dog?

Hello I just found out about this game and picked it up. But was wondering if there was a mod to get a dog. I have come across many feral dogs and ether chased them away or killed them. But what I was thinking about having a dog companion is that it can carry things or pull a a wagon and be an alert dog for camping.

It would be a neat feature. Sadly, the game engine is not made in such a way which would support having any companions, animal or otherwise. So even a mod would not help here - we just need to wait for a sequel :D

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could it be possible if:

you change the reward for the random dog encounter to reward a Dog that is equip able to the vehicle slot if you choose to help it

it would degrade over time due to hunger and you could repair it with raw meat via crafting menu/ or turn it into meat (if your in a pinch)

Give it a similar bonus grant to that of a noise trap so it raises your alertness in camp(keeping realistic it could at the same time lower your hidden rating)

instead of not being able to run, be unable to hide

instead of drop vehicle option in combat, add a dog tackle option possibly?

haven't fussed with item creation just yet so i don't know the limitations