It's Official: Josh Culler Returns for New Project!

Good news, everyone! Joshua Culler is officially signed on as composer for the space prototype!

NEO Scavenger players will recognize his work as composer on the 2014 game, and he's also been busy working on the Underrail OST. His signature style has lent an eerie, gritty atmosphere to NEO Scavenger, and I'm glad to have him contributing to this new venture.

It's still early, and we're tossing ideas around, but his sample work so far for the new game sounds good. Can't wait for you all to hear it!

In other news, I fixed my first NEO Scavenger Mobile bug! With Tiago focusing on some of the more high profile bugs, I've decided to try and snipe some of the simpler ones. It not only frees him up to do the heavy lifting, but also gives me a chance to familiarize myself with the new engine code. Fortunately, most of the code looks similar to the old code, as Haxe and AS3 have similar syntax. But there are some differences in the plumbing, such as data loading, image and sound handling, etc.

The list of bugs is currently slightly increasing as we find and fix at about the same rate. However, we should soon be transitioning into pure polish and user experience enhancements soon. And once that's done, I have to figure out how to coordinate the mobile launch and PR, the new website, a possible new desktop NEO Scavenger patch, and maybe even an official space prototype naming and announcement.

Lot's of shout-worthy events on the horizon!


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Cool, NEO Scavenger wouldn't be NEO Scavenger without that sound!

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool