Air Pressure Sensors Are Working!

Hey Folks!

Got another video today! This time: pressure sensors and gas flow!

More info in the YouTube description, for those who want details. I'll let the video do the talking today :)


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Anase Skyrider

I just kinda sit there and nod my head I read your work on wiring systems because I still don't understand how this works. It's really rough right now.

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As much as I enjoyed the music, next time can I get a commentary of what you're doing? Although it was pretty self explanatory.

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@Anase Skyrider, hopefully it'll make more sense once you have your hands on it. It's definitely in the rough stages now, but it's also pretty close to what I was picturing in my head. I think part of the problem is that I'm not showing how I got here. I just sort of dive in with all pieces in place and no context.

@matsy, yeah, I think this is a problem, too. I should probably do some commentary, as well as start the video sooner so viewers can see how the pieces fit together.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games