Website, Soundtrack, and a Bit of Dev

Hey Folks! Another mixed work day today, spanning both the website overhaul and space games.

The website work was largely reviewing some hosting and service options for the new site. I want to make sure all my requirements are covered, and finding providers for things like servers and email services takes a bit of time and planning.

The soundtrack work involved writing up a new contract to cover Josh's eventual work on the space prototype OST. We had to cover cases where the OST may be sold separately, who owns the rights to what, how I'll pay for it, etc. As with any contract, a lot of time was spent making sure the details were right on this.

Finally, I did get a bit more dev work done on yesterday's 4x input UI. So far, though, it's just underlying code. I'm trying to start from what I wrote for the battery meter, and adapting it for interactivity (i.e. toggle switches). And at the same time, extending it to support more than one input.

Hopefully, once this is done, I'll have a better idea how future GUI classes will be structured, and I can come up with a more general case that can be used for most UIs going forward.

Have a good night, all!


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Oooh, I'm excited about the music, tbh. Maybe we might be able to hear a little sample of it when you get everything sorted out with Josh, yeah? I do have to ask, are you planning to make it more sci fi space-ish music or more like Neo Scavenger, which has hints of electronic and somberness in it?

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I'm pretty excited about the music, too! Josh definitely has a signature style, heard both in NEO Scavenger and Underrail, so that will play a part in the new OST. And I'd definitely like to retain the electronic and somber tones of NS's music.

On the other hand, this is an opportunity to try a few new things. Whatever the case, I'm aiming for music that makes the listener think, "yeah, this is definitely a NEO Scavenger setting."

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games