Atmo Pump 1 is Go. Atmo Pump 2 Is Go...

Hey Folks! I think I've finally got the GUI system behaving as it should. I had to make a few more changes so each item could list more than one copy of a GUI type at a time, as well as some code to make sure each GUI's settings were being saved and restored correctly. That goes for both changing scenes in-game, as well as saving out to a file and loading again between sessions.

Coupled with a minor fix to the unique ID system to avoid creeping IDs between scenes, and I was finally able to edit, save, load, and use GUIs!

Unsure what to do next, I decided to fire up the ship editor and start tinkering with it. And after a little bit, one thing was clear: it is really easy to misjudge how big a ship needs to be.


"We're going to need a bigger boat."

The ship above was just a shot in the dark outline that I then tried to fill with rooms and equipment. Not a lot of room once you start filling-in walls and equipment! As I started to visualize where the HVAC and conduits could go, I decided the next thing to work on might be an interactive control panel:


16 switche- Okay, only 7.

This might be a good stepping stone for working my way towards full ship controls. With toggle switch UIs, I could wire-up things remotely and have AIs control them from one room. And assuming that works, I can try something a bit more complex.


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Could have a default ship layout. Wouldn't even need to be a full ship just to give the user an idea straight away of the scale. I guess a dimmed blue print could do that.

Probably something that would come towards the end of the games implementation but saved layouts that players could reuse. I think it only came to Prison Architect after the guys who did their Console port added it.

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I'm thinking the game will probably need some default ships anyway, if not for the player's benefit, then for NPCs to use. And likely, the player will be starting off in a junker they need to repair or similar, to give them the hang of fixing and running a ship before they try to build one from scratch.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games