Wounds: The Plan Is Coming Together

After most of a day of brain-wracking, I think we're approaching a design that'll work for wounds. I barely had time to start coding anything by the time the day was ending, but at least I have a clear direction in mind for tomorrow.

I did some test art for a nasty, infected, bleeding, bruised arm, but I'm hesitant to show it until I'm sure I can actually make it work. If it does work, hopefully it means we can present you with a visual of the wounds and their statuses, and allow treating of them individually.

Handling bleeding, infection, and fractures are top priority. If the system is robust enough, perhaps it'll allow us to expand into additional wound types later.

And hopefully, it won't be long before players can have the authentic experience of being gored by a dogman, limping away, and perishing of septic shock or blood loss later!