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Official Changelog

Hey Folks!

For anyone curious, the official changelog for NEO Scavenger can be found here. It lists updates to the game since September 2012, and how to find out about versions prior to that.

Thanks to layarion for suggesting this be a Sticky!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for posting this! I was having problems with my save file and Dan helped me get it figured out. I've been wondering if this was possible in case I died from a game bug, like my fatal diarrhea a while back, but i didnt want to bother Dan with it seeing as how he allready spent some time trouble shooting my save problem. I think it would be nice to have or create a backup after plot encounters. So like once you make it to the glow you could have a backup at that point so you allways start at the main gate instead of at the cryo. Would that work?