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Game Settings

Some of you may know that I've been messing around with the gamevars document to see what I can change. I also recently got an idea to make a little story/journal of my adventures in this.
This has actually made me think about a possible mod I could make (unlike my last, almost functional, first mod) where the player could play using different game settings other than the original (duh).
So I went about and made a new folder called Extreme_Settings where I copied the original gamevars document and made some changes. I then made my getmods list, and copy/pasted it into the original getmods list. When I ran Neo Scavenger I saw that it had loaded the list without a problem. I started a new game and I saw that it had worked!

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So far you can see that I've increased the skill points by five, but I've also decreased the temperature so that it will always be below 10 (whatever temperature measurement was used).
I plan on messing around with the factions list, and much more later! (as a side note, I also plan on making it so that the winter hexes will work here using the getimages document)

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Would suggest to re-think the temperature - the game measures it in Fahrenheit degrees for some ungodly reason, which makes it harder to understand for almost everyone on our beautiful globe :) And 10 degrees F is really cold. Little below -12 Centigrade, to be precise. 32 degrees F is water freezing temperature, a.k.a. 0 Centigrade.

Basically, at 10 degrees F as an average maximum temperature, you may need couple of extra mechanics including ice-breaking, cause most water sources will be covered in several centimeters of ice :D

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Why? Why would Dan make the game measure temperature in Fahrenheit? Regardless, you can still play at those temperatures, you just have to be very careful.

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i have to guess that he has roots in america, or perhaps Canadians share the american culture of using F instead of C.

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Okay, since there's already a hex sheet for very cold temperatures, I've decide that project "Damn it's hot" is closed for the time being, and project "Frostbite" is now under way.
Project frostbite will be a new game mode where the world has been struck by the next ice age. The new ice age started after the old world fell.
Like my last attempt at a mod such as this ("Damn it's hot"), this will be purely a test to see if I can mod NS without my brain exploding. At this point I'm sure my head won't explode.

What do I plan on adding?

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1) A new encounter while scavenging, like that of the locked storage shed, only it will be a house covered/surrounded in snow.
2) The ability to melt ice from almost any hex to get water (you can also eat the ice at your own risk).
3) The ability to add extra fur to clothing such as hoodies, pants, and fur clothing.
4) Larger fire options.
5) New tools/items such as ice picks, and the ice mentioned earlier.
6) Give plastic sleds more uses (no longer hinder the player due to low amounts of friction).
7) Extended life of footprints on the map.
8) If I can I would like to add parkas, and other snow gear.
9) Maybe dogmen with different colored fur if I can (such as white, since it would help them hunt).

Of course this means I'll need to learn how to add these things, but it's not like I'll be hard-coding it into the game, so I won't have to use huge, out-of-this-world numbers. :)

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I'm actually at a loss of knowledge on how to make new items. Some information on this would help if it could be provided.

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The easiest way to start is by looking at the SampleModFolder that Dan has provided and trying to understand that. Then try getting comfortable with the data folder - maybe pick an example of an item and see how Dan codes that item into the game. Then you could download someone's mod, and try seeing how another modder does this. Help about what everything means can be found within the Modding Documentation thread, it's a great place to start if you are seeing something in the code but don't understand what it does.

In short: start by trying to learn how to read the game files and other mods. There is no better way to do this. And yes, it feels confusing at first, but it really isn't that hard. And btw, learning by "copying", as in adding an item similar to what is there just to see if you can, that would be the easiest way.

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I did a little bit of image work today. I still don't want to mess with coding all that much.
Yay! Camo-Dogman!

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If you'd like to use anything in the mod I'll be uploading it soon. Also, I tested and it works great with M(m)MoD!

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Hmm, I might not have to upload this to a site simply based on how all the mod does is make it really cold. That, and re-texture dogmen. So how about this, I'll post my gamevars file in a spoiler.

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Or how about this:
Find data in the main NS folder/directory, double click.
Find GameVars, double click (or right click, the use notepad (normal or ++) to open.
Find nskillpoints, which is on roughly line 50 (if you use notepad++).
Put a 20 in place of 15.
Find ntemp(high/low), and put 10 in place of the high, and 1 in place of low. (Lines: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110)
Congratulations! That's my whole mod! (most anyways)

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