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Daily Entry (extreme settings)

So a while ago I started messing around with the games climate stats... This is winter. Or more like what hell would be like if it froze over. To counter act the extreme conditions, I am giving myself an extra 5 skill points. You might think that sounds more like cheating, but wait until you see what I did to the climate.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
IMAGE( https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/n4-pFBgaA7R4VbPZqZcVtl9d0UaLUkPvHV4Q_sS3pauzXnWbiWfSawOMvWqG0F88Kg29IluvrwTcmGvEs_FuqdQw8iXiZJlDaWUkLZ8WgcGnQFRcFAJAmck6h6JltcVfknec0h0lhuf_G27s1cQN_7SEXXO2qKEC3CVinFIEkgmSdE-7g-3mag-Amiomqoy54SeFD_GlcHweoMv5NEL1mXn30HMU7H54rYNWd9vwq8XcoWNQyS1Ejzc2TsyBQq5V952ig25UIT23xnKTx6SzUPR-rgDWwwmFt_Xht2Lca8Y-2oyd9zImRyP2vNGASWMlYPktPXkrDgqpxYaU7knkf7BAi2ATNCffon7jxF6eERgPpVxO0uwho_oHrpHyk_YuEUAN0L-HQqVorBYeY-X8DaB5gWOQfO-KLwP2CnuUHoPL1AlqSdQEeBQWXag8t5lc7mh1aD1xZ-sBjn07u2SIAI5MB_UmQTZRdThTzNQBbtOyX0fzU5lJTPB-bn-Ur9q9BJLCXSBEBMrSBxR3Xe7SSn6JjIr_foin3YXdZNu-9QVrImWTJ4tRSvJ3WC-VRzR2R1yIhS0rwUOHCr4Wx7ekX0WXzixscg=w819-h460-no )

Additionally I'm going to be using the winter hex sheet, not that it does anything, it just adds a better feel than it just being really cold.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Yeah, I tried something similar once - its really a completely different game ;)

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Yeah :) If you ever want an intense game just crank up (or down in this case... like, WAY down) the climate settings. And if you really want to you could mess with the faction settings so everything is out or your blood, but won't attack each other.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

With the 20 skill points I got: Ranged, Trapping, Melee, Strong, Electrician, and tracking (mainly since I had an unspent skill point).
I then started the run, instantly kicking the ass of the first dogman I encountered.
I cut it up for it's warm, fluffy fur, which I then slung over myself like a coat. (I used some glass and my trapping skill to do this)
When this was done I secured the facility as my base. I planned on bringing back as much wood to burn as I could from the nearby forest (Making use of the free 5 moves at the start of the game).

I managed to do all of this using those 5 moves.
I made a raging fire in the facility on my second move, then made a quality torch using a stick, a receipt, and some twigs.
I'm going to use this torch as both a way to light up areas for scavenging, and to conserve my very precious heat while scavenging.
So I lit the torch and headed into town.
At the first house I found some more twigs and branches, but I also found some bottled water, and extra bottle, 2 shopping bags, and a Cathcart North .38 Revolver (in good condition).

I then lit a new large fire so I would be in the neutral warmth zone, and also so I could continue scavenging (I also set a house there as a temporary base).
The next house had some random junk in it. (ketchup, crackers)
A melonhead decided it would be a good idea to walk into my camp. He started the fight at a range of 4.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

The fight was very one sided, me being that one side. I quickly removed the melonhead from this plain of existence.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
IMAGE( https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/L2-T5VK9-clGLq7waMsGYqDdDxM-gGxHyWWWrU5NcckpQZRekQbVv7-nROcH7lzeLFRSio-kjmQi29tkjQyQO_rDRJEVg1srtvs1xm-n7tvqNzHK_3mbDI8M9b-HWL1S3Et70vmdDX43HhcAM6XXqrmNgvtgjeRq3Fs73fBH2Lg0zWCc7TMA2CQu1Cqn4_CrurFb6noEog5lX3T_9nnaUEwK_2ljpiUHkHsx7c50On6BkPV5lKggLPlwcuKERtZUXx4GY620WctkFoIF8wHiniym5aQiHcyL9ioag-O_xXr0BeHTCV0-VD8Q6KiKU-I2cqRfe2EHa0igar330Yrk1_mweJ5LyvY4rk_2geFPfG42wTcHIaa0h8NLWY6AV7BN1fK4JBpZCQAPSN5XYUmVJE3qcU61A4qX8o3lEPum3lj6RfSmHySrwzW7YscqHNhDH385KXLoNLi7p58Zv4sxyWd_FKsj6t5_SBfo-tQbY-4J9zXjqK-rZQOE5iaCl7vqU1Cn2IfR5G_pTUsJi6vzJYuhBtw94AIUkEO7GIIyNn4pv_0qBaQzRHGc0hhA2-Du7h8wzOOUYm6jtdDqCk55Y_o6FT9uhQ=w1203-h676-no )

Sadly, this melonhead had nothing on him. I proceeded to make 2 new torches using my hospital gown as a bunch of rags.
I lit one torch and continued to scavenge.
The next scavenge spot was a storage shed. Yet again I got a lucky find, I found a crowbar, with a strap, and in moderate condition (28%). I slung it over my shoulder.
Lastly, I scavenged a mobile home with my crowbar, torch, and my strength.
More luck, I found a hoody (only at 2%, but I could turn it into rags for torches later), some blue jeans (at 20%), and a shirt (at 77%). I put it all on, thanking the RNG Gods for these great finds.

I went back to the facility to drop off my loot, then made some dogman steak.

This is all for this entry, hope you enjoyed it as much as me! I plan on updating this often, with about 3-4 turns depending.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Today I'm going to try to solve my cold problems further. This means I'll need better clothing.
I have 2 options: 1) Make fur clothes, which requires me to find fur, or kill a ton of animals. 2) Find the ATN so I can trade for fur clothing.
I'm going to do both (hopefully). I'll be going to the ATN, and be killing things as I go.

In order to make this journey I had to prepare food, and bring as much of my loot as I could. Since I had limited space I decided to make some more torches in case I needed them, and also because they can be reversed. I made 3 torches.

When I ended my turn so I could make these torches a dog went into my hex. I failed to kill it, and now there's 2.
Whenever I moved towards one it would run away, so I decided to just leave. I found a city hex, so I did some looting.
I made a small fire, then lit my torch.
The first location was a crumbling apartment, where I used my torch, crowbar, and strength. I found a hoody at 68%, cargo pants at 74%, more fuel (wood), some water purification pills, a left shoe at 67%, and assorted clothing that was bellow 20% (nothing I needed was there).

I put on what I needed, then ripped up the leftover clothing for torchification.
Or I would have done this right away if the dogs hadn't decided to follow me. I landed 4 punches on the first dog, killing it. Now all I had to worry about was the next dog, who was a hex away. I cut up the first dog using my trapping skill, getting 4 bits of fur. After I had ripped up the clothes I had over 20 rags, which I could use over the next couple of days. No more clothes ripping for me unless I needed to.
I made a single patchwork hide glove.

This is all for now, text you all later!

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

And here we are, later!

With nothing left to do at this hex I decided to start my journey North.
The next hex I entered was a forest with a shack in it. I made a fire using branches, twigs, and my knowledge of wilderness survival (trapping).
With this all done, I lit my next torch, and started scavenging.

I found 13 orange pills, a good tee shirt, a good pair of pants, and an Islab.
It's a shame I couldn't bring any of this with me, but I left it in a camp for later (if I ever came back).
That was all I could do for that turn.

I arrived near ZomZoms, where I looted a house. I only found fuel and a bottle of water.
I started a fire, and lit one of my torches.
The next place I looted was a mobile home, which had nothing, so I scavenge the next mobile home. The next also had nothing.
I decided to walk over to ZomZoms.

I got to the end and said stock, my next move was to watch what happened next, then I gave the man the info.
The only objects that I got worth taking were a couple of plastic bags, a spear, a sleeping bag, and a multi tool. I couldn't bring the multi tool or the spear, but I grabbed the rest. I decided the sleeping bag was worth more than the spear.

I scavenged a crumbling apartment building, but found nothing of interest. I decided to do some crafting at ZomZoms.
I made a single torch.
After this I continued North.

On my way North I encountered a dog, which I kicked to death, then cut up for the fur and meat.
I started a fire to cook some meat.
I also cut up my most broken shirt fir sting, which I used to make another glove.

There wasn't a suitable camp spot where I was, so I went 2 hexes North West into a city hex. I made my camp in an office building. At this point it was almost night, and I was quite tired.

Stay tuned for the first night!

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Well that's it for this story, my save got corrupted when I was testing out that mods stuff (on a different folder).

Spoiler: Highlight to view
IMAGE( https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/MKndWiYckhFzinX4ZIWC7eElHQuEOJ2v1N4fFeWtGNKtMQf53PIB_kJuuXmAPCQf__IUzF1i-NgO_MXEO1PefmLj3H4AWVTl2FNAJX6xlHGwDMZKw0Ko1S9IDcMRJA0mvOuXqQCM0eTXi_0eSRBxgU8WKqMJctCEhwVQeCUBVXG2vhx-UJfzEGbXnqxWhWkYlk5L8mjIhpIe-1w2ZGWoD-w-lhDnY3MM6V9SBl2-ww4sysaUmmdMJckw2lUKqUTWKB2BUrifHmjpx4YG7kZQY9JCaHaidPN7HL3VP6ePNno7loLVipMY-NtiPXaRiLoUBP9VDPxw1I_PwK60ZlUU2NbMZS8G4a8wPnTx_R5S5AgL-sZ2ifD2E12zWhuF1IM9PkdilKbrhWTy98Gelck_MwTyexejcoPh9UbHSeIXhPLu0jFrSgjyIPyuqFVpO3ry8zrNU58WZeczKZiXLMZZw3eJe3iB9qXAwRsTj8M0e3jVFPHu5TCftfvicbnAZDnqf4UZvwLNZud9nELPIMBVhRsbq5YdFG1PkTDKGq-VjKkhC5aNTGhaP1JVBfETkbpHXH8XPc6j2_hB3bSNb0C9vRj1gDJT_A=w1203-h676-no )

It's hard to say if I'll continue this later, which I might, since my hands are full with these guys (and a single girl):

Spoiler: Highlight to view
IMAGE( https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/NigyWQENVHHj1PHNK1N8htSuLp10o5ZqikAjKX07VOAPR_w6xc2e3QGHbeeCwSQOwdtgxWE2LCSU2YEI6ylMq3D1642Qnqv4LxdPv-yQVZFxmb4vnTJWKLGRX4i6Az946vcyycQks7hlUGLK3q0_u4MC1OzWez4QfU25hH5JCdWilB-cQSZmPytReQ3PEPcR7LFDz7nDOiGyDDZNiR6VfXukS4IoOPGwWkp-kY_iNiPJx1RHJGhttAOoArblGxEIltKb_g1qpR6NMpsoPrGRX4f-JwT7ZvlYvRGQVdtSvft1Vf2sa0zulf_Ryhscn1ZKCmC3sxsiGGlF88cadRwKvoyRCVmvILx7817Kw3Io3aAaNgcznclROABxaA9DUuSysKnvM5x0Re73SIyWnu_BWs91koepMz-fJIi8TM_AlH6561sZsgKbtI4yaoubGHWE9gJmqpI2_CLUIY_D31oNXWeNmV9Sql79wPmWIfBpQW2S-pndWLnLoE7VoR7fPaWX9WdGyiH_hJj-35F92EGOXGxaLCNolChA81oyRFPk8ghQJHJAf8zcuBCAoxcZr_hzovd-3ftm1lC0UBEklhdfvNZsQ8ehOw=w573-h408-no )

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

So I've managed to get this working again! I never went out and said it, but I decided to get my Steam copy downloaded. Now, Steam has got to be the most finicky thing I've ever used... Extreme Settings works fine when it's not on the Steam download, but dies when it IS on it. I have absolutely no idea why, but it's working now (no idea what I did, if I even did anything).

So anyhow, I'll be continuing this now, on a new save of course, and I WON'T be testing new stuff until this character dies (screw you Flash). So, should I make a new thread, just continue... or... I think I'll just continue if that's okay with everyone else, let's hope the clutter isn't too bad.

Actually, there is one more thing.
Should I play the cold or hot version of "Extreme Settings"? I haven't really done a play through on the hot settings since my desert project died (along with the alpha in all my hex-sheet remodeling). It basically goes like this:
Cold is set to 0-10 degrees, with low rain.
Hot is set to about a constant 80-90 degrees, with minimal rain.
(Each allows the player 5 extra points)

*edit 2*
I'll also be using EXE Patchwork, since it combines many awesome mods! I hope it's stable...
Anyhow, expect a new post either today, or tomorrow.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Well, I wouldn't exactly call the EXE Patchwork stable... Anyways, just a random thought about the Hot settings - namely, I don't think those would even really work in this game. There are plenty options to deal with cold (although, to be honest, the "real" coldness, like frost-bite for example, isn't in the game either) but almost nothing in a way of dealing with hot weather. You cannot even put a wet towel on your head...

So yeah, the extreme coldness is definitively a better choice if one wants to play with the extreme weather conditions.

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The Preparation

This is a quick overview of what's happening. I'm using the EXE Patchwork merge, along with Extreme_Settings_Cold_3, witch is the third iteration of my extreme settings adventure!
So I get 20 skill points to play around with, but the NS world will be massively more difficult. So this is what I got:
Ranged | 4 points
Lockpicking | 3 points
Tailoring | 2 points
Trapping | 4 points
Medic | 4 points
Mechanic | 3 points
20 points
I'll be writing down 3 turns per day, up to six if I have time.

While the beginning isn't that important, I will say that I emergency dumped the CEO.

I walked out into the snowy Michigan wastes, heading for the forest so that I could make a fire. I made the fire, then gave it some more fuel. I proceeded to scavenge since I had extra time.
End of turn 1

I walked over to the town next to the cryo facility, but while scavenging I only found a potato, and a carrot. Not having any room, and also due to the foods low condition, I ate them.
I had to tear up my hospital gown so that I could make a quality torch (it was actually 2 quality and 1 crude).
End of turn 2

I took a peak over the hill next to me, then went back to camp.
End of turn 3, not official.

With the fire at just 20%; I decided to light one of my quality torches, and stoke the fire with the crude. (I say stoke, but I actually had to make a new campfire, since that was the only option that added health to the fire) I left camp, then ended the turn.
End of turn 4

Simply leaving camp for 1 turn has triggered the hypothermia/sleeping bag event. I hope I find some stuff soon.
I died, end of turn 5. This is actually quite hard! I'll have to take tough, melee, or strong next time!

This should be proof of concept, the difficulty of the game has increased exponentially! Wish me luck for next time!

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

A suggestion for the sake of... data completeness. If you are using the Patchwork mod, it should have most of my items. One of them is a digital thermometer... Give yourself one at the start - not to cheat, but to be able to tell exactly how your settings are actually affecting the weather, a.k.a. what is the exact temperature.

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Sorry for the delay, Michigan's been having bad weather for the past couple of days- weeks -so I wasn't able to respond. Okay, I was able to, but my internet- CHARTER! -is being very slow, so it put me off from getting stuff done. I didn't want to cheat one in since I'd already started a new game- in which I've lasted many days; I just needed to get a dogman fur coat ASAP.
I haven't found a digital thermometer yet, even though it's been days, hundreds of scavenging turns, and I've even looked at the ATN and junk market for one. I'll tell you the stats as soon as I find one though.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)