Mobile, Website, and Music Talk

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours started out crazy as we planned a birthday gathering, but mercifully quieted down on Sunday so we could get our lives back together :)

Today, I had a few more business-y things to catch up on. First up was the website.

After Friday's mockup review, I created a mockup of my own to send to the designers, and we hashed-out ideas and feedback this morning. They're going to take that input and run with it, and explore two of the stronger ideas we've discussed so far. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

Second, Tiago was able to get the iOS build running a bit more smoothly. It took a lot of memory and performance optimization, but he was able to squeeze just enough performance out of it to get it running on iPad 3rd gen. iPad 2 may be beyond reach due to limited ram, but 3 and up may be sufficient to hit a wide target audience. He'll be focusing on the final stretch of mobile features this week, such as touchscreen/zoom, demo vs. full version, and other differences from PC.

Finally, I got an email from Josh Culler last week, and finally had a chance to reply. NEO Scavenger fans will know Josh from his brilliant music in the game, and he's interested in talking about work on the space prototype. So I spent some time composing my thoughts on how I see music in this new game working/sounding, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this discussion!

With those things done, I may (may) be able to get back to actual dev tomorrow. Gasp! I know! I really need to get something done to quell the unease I'm feeling after so many days of no progress. But that's running a business for you.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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Awesome. I'm really excited about all this, especially the chance for Josh Culler to make music for your space survival game. The music set the atmosphere so right in Neo Scavenger, so I know it can be implemented great in this WIP game of yours.

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Will the new website also have a better forum?

Regarding your question from yesterday, no, I meant this episode:,_Where_Art_Thou%3F

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alright! mobile version :DD!
hopefully it's playable on iphone 6 plus =w=!

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@spacemedic, I'm excited, too! Josh shared some of his latest work with me, and he's definitely still got it :)

@Malacodor, ooh right! I remember that. I think it was meant to be like the Edsel story. As for the forums, I hope so? Are you referring to layout/design, or is there some functionality you have in mind?

@konata1550, it might be playable on iPhones. It will certainly run on a 6+. I've got it on my iPad 3 right now, and it'll run. It even mostly runs on an iPad 2, and the 6 has higher specs.

The trick is the small screen combined with small buttons/items in the UI. Tiago's working on a zoom lens feature to help with precision touchscreen input, and I think that will determine what we can and cannot support.

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Perhaps the one (or two) most popular buttons (however you determine that), could be oversized, so you only have to "zoom" if you want more of the less common buttons.

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I'm thinking of the usual buttons for BBCode noobs and maybe some luxury features like multi quote, notifications of new posts in watched threads and like buttons (useful for suggestions). A way to upload images, so we don't have to use third party image hosters, would be cool, too.

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@ra1, that's the trick, though :) There are a lot of really small things that get used often, not the least of which are any of the 1x1 grid items.

@Malacodor, ah, I see. Well, I think I recall the design firm saying they would try to integrate a modern WYSIWYG for editing news posts, and it's possible this could apply to forum posts, too. Apparently, there are some that don't suck these days.

Notifications should already work, so if they don't, let me know!

Multi-quote may or may not be possible. Is this just selecting a bunch of previous posts and clicking a button to prepopulate your new post with quotes?

And image, I agree that would be nice. But it presents two problems: gradually increasing hosting burden, and making me responsible for policing image content (inappropriate content, copyrighted content, etc.). There are solutions to both problems, but neither are as convenient/cheap as washing my hands of the whole ordeal :)

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Yes, that's what I meant with multi-quote. Regarding notifications, I haven't been active in the forums for a while, must have forgotten about it.

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