Website Fancification

Hey Folks! Another non-dev day today. Although, not a business admin day either, which is always nice. "What else is there," you ask? Why, fancifying the website!

The Jibe sent over their first mockups of the new homepage this morning, based on our discussions so far. We had already agreed upon a general wireframe for the page, so this was mostly mocking up colors, fonts, and design elements to make it look more finished.

I think we have a start, but it wasn't without some concerns. I had about a page of notes to send back, though many of them were related to the same points. Namely spacing and fonts. And we have a follow-up call Monday to discuss where to go from here.

However, I also wanted to tinker with some of the design elements I talked about in my feedback to them. And in the process, I came up with a few things that I may ask them to try out.

It's been a long time since I've done any web design, or even critique of it. And Rochelle and I went back and forth over type treatment, paragraph justification, and layout. There may be no easy answers here, and whatever the end result, it may not please anyone.

But it'll please me :)


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This reminds me of the (very old) Simpsons episode where Homer gets the opportunity to design a new car. Will the new website also have cupholders everywhere? ;-)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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In all the projects I've worked on, I don't think I've thought about fonts, and spacing as much as you have. But that could be the reason I've not made it as a front end developer...

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@Malacodor, was this the Canyonero episode? And what is the web equivalent of cupholders? Mouse pointer resting docks? :)

@matsy, to be fair, I didn't either until I hired a design firm! Back when I did this for a living, Verdana was my solution for everything.

But then, fonts and text flow were sort of limited 15 years ago :)

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