Business Catch-up

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week(end). We just got back last night from camping, and I finally washed all the sunscreen and silt out of my skin this morning. It was a nice break from technology and responsibility, but also really exhausting!

Back at the office, my first task was to climb through the pile of outstanding emails, mail, and other messages that had accumulated. Accounts needed paying, documents filing, forms filling, etc. Not fun at all, but unfortunately necessary.

One highlight of the day was playing NEO Scavenger on my iPad! Tiago got the iOS app uploaded to TestFlight, and I was able to try it out on a 10" tablet for the first time. And I like it. It seems like just the right screen size for tapping buttons. Unfortunately, it's also the 4:3 layout mode, which is my least favorite. But it had a nice interactive-book-like feel to it on a screen like that.

Still pretty sluggish, though, so we'll have to see what's causing that. iPads (at least the older ones) may not have the horsepower to run an app like this without serious rewrites, so I may have to limit distribution. But it's too soon to tell. Literally, our first attempt at testing it on the iOS platform.

Finally, I'm also on the lookout for a way to organize my LLC documents. Right now, it's just a 1" 3-ring binder with separators and some sheet protectors for original documents. And a manila folder. And some paper clips. In a pile. On a box on my desk.

I'm thinking there's room here for a more exciting and practical document storage system. I jokingly suggested the venerable Trapper Keeper as a possibility, but maybe that's not such a crazy idea. I need to store lots of normal sheets and copies, some original documents without holes, and probably a few other items. Maybe I need a multimedia organizer like that after all?


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Frame the original documents and use them to decorate the room.

And welcome back!

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