New Beta Build: End Turn Fixes and Combat Info

I just finished uploading a new beta build, v0.942b, which addresses some new bugs that were introduced. It also includes some UI updates to hopefully make things more intuitive.

End Turn Bugs

There were some issues with last night's build which caused some turns to never end. This was most noticeable when using Rest+Heal, Sleep, or trying to enter the DMC gates. The game would just go into an endless loop.

That should be fixed now, so let me know if it's still happening anywhere.

Sleep and Rest+Heal Buttons

While I was in there, I decided to tweak the Sleep and Rest+Heal buttons. Now, they appear on both the map and camp screens.

IMAGE( Sleep and Rest+Heal are now next to each other on the map screen.

IMAGE( As well as the camp screen.

Clicking on either button while in the map screen will take you to the camp screen, where clicking them again activates them. This is to help some of the players who weren't sure how to sleep after the button was moved to the camp screen. Hopefully it makes it easier to figure out, while still protecting against mis-clicks when trying to end the turn.

Combat Move Info

I also added more descriptive pop-up text to each of the combat moves, to help explain what they do and what their risks are. Cameron had a lot of good feedback after testing it last night, and his biggest critique was not knowing what the risk/reward was for each move. Good point! So here's what I've done to help:

IMAGE( Viewing the info for the "take cover" move.

It's not extremely detailed, but should at least give you an idea what each will do if chosen.

Other Fixes

I also fixed a few other things, including:

  • Items should now "fly" from origin to destination when clicked. This should make it easier to tell where they go when clicked. (Was added a while ago, but broke.)
  • Fixed the advance/fall back under cover moves, which were mis-labeled.
  • Changed the battle condition "winded" to "recovering" to better illustrate that it's more of a lost turn due than being tired.
  • Changed combat log to say "unknown assailant" when target is unseen, to avoid giving away target info prematurely.
  • Reduced AI morale randomness by 50% (was a little too random)
  • Combat movement while sneaking/under cover have had their chance to trip increased a bit.
  • Combat movement while sneaking has had it's detection penalty decreased.

Still more tweaking to come, but I'm already hearing some awesome accounts of battles you've fought. They range from comical to epic, and that's the goal! I'm still watching to see if combat may be too easy now, but better to get more data before making that call.

Have a good night all!