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i think the website should allow people to accept co-authers on forum pages

in Steam, the author of a guide is able to invite people to be Collaborators.


In this example you see here, i asked Nick to let me help him up-date his guide. It was outdated and he said in his comments section that he had lost interest and the motivation to continue keeping his guide relevant.

When i accepted the invitation, i had nearly full control. I can do everything but invite/remove other authors and i can't delete the guide itself. I can do virtually everything else and after he invited me he found maintaining his guide much more interesting. We got on Skype and worked on the format, fixed some old information, and otherwise got the guide back into fighting shape.

So i'm saying implement something similar for forum pages. A lot of these modding authors go away, have life, just lose interest, or otherwise need help. Without being able to let people in to up-date the page it's hard to get that help in some cases. either way, i've seen a couple forum pages were i'm sure the authors would have others on board with them if they could.

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Is this mostly forum pages for mods?

Off-hand, I'm unsure if the forums would support this, even in the future site (as it will basically still be the same forum software). However, the CMS the site runs on may have a way for multiple users to own a page. I think some other sites using the software are basically newspaper-like in that they have editor/writer roles separate from the admin, who can create and modify individual pages (a page is like the About or Contact page on this site).

It's possible to setup permissions such that users can create their own pages, and probably even invite other users to edit them. However, I've never tried it, and it could open up security issues if done wrong.

Also, I suspect the next question will be if it's possible to host any files on, and I'd like to avoid that. Hosting user uploaded content, especially files, can be a legal risk for me.

But it might be possible to create some sort of hub page for a mod that links off-site for files (e.g. Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Does this address your question, or am I misinterpreting?

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I think the steam guides are a heavily modified forum page.

But to the main topic: Basically just asking if the author of a page can allow other users they trust to edit their page.

The second question: we can ignore this question as the current system works fine.

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