Damage still too swingy?

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Damage still too swingy?

Like legit, does anyone think that damage is still REALLY Swingy?

As a tough, strong, melee, metabolism(Flaw) guy with myopia, I find that it's pretty ridiculous that I just got one hit by a frail dude wielding a crowbar... Despite the fact that he apparently had his upper stomach mauled with my broad spear and was stunned and coughing up blood... C'mon, what? What are the damage ranges on a crowbar? Gotta be honest, I love this game but that SOOOOO killed my momentum.

Of course if the damage is supposed to be like a D20 system, I'd assume that the enemy likely rolled a crit and just managed to kill a full healthed dude in a single hit despite having his upper stomach just punctured. Oh well, time to draft up a new Phillip

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Just add nuts!

Well even the strongest guy in the world probably wouldn't be standing after a good swing to the head with a crowbar even if it was a frail dude and a stab in the stomach would most certainly not kill you instantly.

PS. pray to rngesus that seems to help me.