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Followed the merge tutorial you made to a T for NSE and it aint work any tips/ideas?

iirc, NSE changed something in it's folder structure. following that video to a T without understanding the minor changes you need to make would fail it.

i don't feel like looking at it right now, but you probably just need to add another line or two to the getmods.php file that adds the new folder path he added. then correct the numbers.

it should be as simple as copy and paste his getmod to the bottom of mine, and adjust the numbers.

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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How do I put items from other mods in the DevBox, like one from NSE? Here's my attempt
<table name="treasuretable">
<column name="id">2491</column><!--used by treasure 2411, Item Set-->
<column name="strName">Custom Box</column>
<column name="aTreasures">DevKit:,1.5x1x1<!--box-->3.6x1x1</column><!-- Add items you want in it here. This box should allow other bags inside it. Add the items to the right side of the item 1.3, not the left.-->
<column name="bNested">1</column><!--You want this on "1", it allows you to load the box with other items that have containers-->
<column name="bSuppress">0</column><!--"1": Disables "nTreasureID" for any item created with this. "0": Allows "nTreasureID" in ItemTypes.-->
<column name="bIdentify">1</column><!--"1":Identifies all items this treasure creates. "0": It's up to the to identify items.-->



needs to be


you had the comma in the wrong spot. also, unless item 3.6 is in []that[] file, you need to add the mods name in front. example


broken down, it's


but without the spaces.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.