Fists of fury

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Fists of fury

So my Phillip Kindred got bored of surviving off of berries for such a long time, I had killed the wraith and whatnot, and I had survived a full month, blazing through the story, I had nothing to do but kill things in funny ways, I was a blue rot carrier, had a reserve of about 6 bottles of water constantly, full eye augs and 20,000 in cash. So, I began to take off all of my clothing such as DMC gear and such... All except for my clown mask. I then grabbed that lovely dog begone and ran around the wasteland with nothing but a clown mask and that wolfman beacon, after a full day, I finally got attacked.

>Uses the special intimidate*
>Identify weakness*
>Waits for the wolfman to finally move up to me, repeatedly screaming at it*

>I throw an obstacle at the wolf and he's knocked down, BINGO!
>I melee flurry and bash its skull in with my bare hands, feeling the cold wind running around my junk as I bathe in the blood of the wolfman

>Another one shows up a turn later, punches that one until its lungs collapse, kek

>Listens to DMX as I run around, slaughtering wolfmen for weeks, eating berries and making fires all over the place to cook the meat

>wears the beacon down until it breaks

>Realize that I spent three or four weeks doing nothing but punching people to death

>Put my clothes back on and walks around the DMC, dual wielding revolvers
>Blue frog with shotgun fires at me, hits my chest,
>Thank god for bulletproof vest, I only had major wounds, not a lethal dose of buckshot
>We both run out of ammo
>I begin to pistol whip the blue frog repeatedly as I scream "stop resisting"
>he tries to surrender
>Beats him to death with my gun anyway
>I hate blue people.

Later, I find myself around the ATN

>Raider thinks he's funny and tries to attack me while I'm sleeping
>Beats him near death, running and screaming at him as he escapes
>Follows his tracks for 10 hours because he's been bleeding
>Raider eventually passes out due to blood loss and exhaustion
>I drank four corn colas for this
>approaches the raider
>Wastes my last revolver shot on him point blank
>He had three rounds

Just add nuts!