GUI Baby Steps, and Business

Another mixed dev and business day. Though, I had a special treat today!

I had a nice lunch with another indie who used to work at BioWare with me. Over beers and lunch, we chatted about such things as Pokemon Go, sales tax, indie publishers, motivation, and our current projects. We also had a really interesting talk about procedural drama. Dusty had some really cool insight into ways to string together characters' stories, as well as persistence of personalities and named characters vs. strictly procedural characters. Food for thought!

In the dev time I had this morning, I tackled a bit more of the item GUI system. I think what I'm aiming at is a system where each interaction has an optional "RaiseGUI" property. If the player selects an AI that's in an interaction with this property set, the game will show that named GUI. The widgets in that GUI will be wired to in-game data through the interaction's settings.

So if Akiko interacts with the battery using the "inspect" interaction, it can have "RaiseGUI" set to show a meter, and the meter's value will be set to the battery's current charge. So far, this seems pretty easy to do with some data files and Unity's component-based architecture. We'll see next week!

Lastly, more business stuff. Now that I'm incorporated, I have to update all of my distribution agreements with Valve, GOG, etc. So lots of paperwork to rifle through. Fortunately, it's pretty straightforward stuff. Just takes a while to sort out.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Have a good weekend, all!