Dissappearing Map locations

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Dissappearing Map locations

All of my travels and locations have been wiped out when I continued my game after saving my map was black as if I just arrived? happened a few times anyone have any ideas?

It's happened to me a couple times, never been able to determine exactly why. When it's happened to me it's reset the entire map, so all the camps I'd made were gone and only the items I had on my character, either in bags or in a vehicle, were left.

There is a bug with the Autosave function. You have to disable it in the Options menu, otherwise it'll keep happening.

The dev is working on the solutions, of course, but it might take some time.

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I encountered this problem for the very first time after 230 hours of gameplay. Playing on 1.15 with extended mod, turning autosave OFF doesn't seem to fix it or do i have to restart a new game?

Turning autosave off used to make this less common, but didn't fix it. I'm not sure if that's still the case, as I think the autosave portion was finally fixed. It definitely still happens, though. And once it happens, that save game cannot be fixed, unfortunately.

The worst part is: still no idea how to force the bug to happen, so I can fix it. So if you have any clues as to the cause, let me know! (Preferably, without mods running, since mods can cause false positives.)

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Hi Dan - I'm a complete noob to NS and have had this happen a couple of times in the two weeks I've been playing the game on and off. (Great game by the way - thanks!)

Understandable that you can't spend endless time trying to fix a bug like this - we all have a living to earn including you - but surely a partial workaround is possible by having an option to allow auto-saved games to be retrieved, perhaps up to the last three?

I realise that this makes NS non-permadeath, which you don't want to do, but it's fairly trivial for players to achieve that anyway and would stop players who love NS from wasting tens or hundreds of hours of play time.

On the bug itself (you've almost certainly noticed this but...), when saving & exiting if the Exit button does not appear after clicking Save & Quit then the problem has occurred & the savegame is borked. This is on Linux Mint 18.3 & NS v.1.15.

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Hi GeekMcBean,

I apologize for the save corruption issues. As you point out, it's still there, somewhere in the code. And usually it's too late to do anything by the time anyone notices, as the damage is done.

Having a rolling set of saves would be one approach, it's true. And I'd probably even consider it more these days than in the past, if for no other reason than as a stopgap.

Unfortunately, many of the tools I used to make NEO Scavenger are disappearing, or falling out of support. It is unclear whether I could create all the necessary versions across platforms/stores that would be required for a patch.

However, I periodically pump time into trying to rebuild desktop NEO Scavenger in a new engine besides Flash. My hope is that this new engine will make the game more stable, and restore my ability to issue cross-platform updates. (Among other improvements.)

If you're interested in seeing how progress went on that, these are the two months where I blogged about it:


Unfortunately, as I mention here:


I was unable to get it fully working. Many users would still encounter crashes or graphic glitches, and I had to abandon the project to return to Ostranauts.

I still think there's a kernel of hope in there. Possibly, I'm just missing the right redistributables, DLLs, or some key piece to finally unleash that build. But until my schedule allows for more dedicated time (or I can afford to hire the right person to fix it), it remains on the back burner.

So I guess the good news is that there's hope it'll get resolved. But the bad news is that I'm unsure when. I do want this fixed eventually, though. It's been a thorn in many a player's side for too long!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hi Dan

Thanks for the detailed reply. Allowing for the fact that NS is a little slice of gaming heaven anything that can be done to hasten the demise of Flash globally is A Good Thing(TM). However your position is completely reasonable, particularly as there is a servicable (if a little clunky) manual workaround to limit lost play time.

Keep on doing the good stuff - I might be back in a year or two to post about Ostranauts if it ends up being ported to Linux!


Hopeless ageing UK gamer & wannabe Linux geek

Thanks! And re: Linux support on Ostranauts, if you've followed me for any length of time, you know I hate promising things I cannot deliver. But that said, I want Linux users to be able to play. So if I can figure out how to make that available, without them having to rely on my non-existent Linux debugging skills, we may get our wish :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Had the same thing happen to me tonight after putting 29 hours into a character. Whats the point of playing if i have to worry about crap like this happening

Hey there. Any updates on this issue? I just lost a rather extensive game on it. :(

Nothing concrete yet. However, I am in talks with a developer to pick up where my efforts left off, and they've agreed to take a look. If we get workable results from that, you can bet there will be blaring horns and announcements :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games