How does range work 80 meter range???

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How does range work 80 meter range???

Hi guys been playing for about 90 hours but don't know that much and only made it to the DMZ like 1 or 2ce Nice meet you all!

ok Question

What is Range about How does it work? What's the point of having a scope that gives you 80 range when people are able to flee after 20?

In combat Range is the distance between you and the target. Most melee weapons have a range of 1 or 2, a few reach out to 3. All the ranged weapons have an effective range and outside of that do less damage and have an increased miss chance so you want to know the effective range of whatever weapon you're using. Throwing weapons like the spear seem to work best at ranges under 10, the sling under 20, I'm not sure on the firearms in the game, but the Rifle seems to be more than 30.

As for targets escaping you, that's more a matter of the terrain than how far away they are from you. In dense uneven terrain it's easier to escape from combat so you don't have to get as far away from your attacker, or them from you, to get away. When in combat in urban areas or forests a target has a good chance of escaping once they're past range 20 or so, but in an open field the distance increases greatly and I've been able to chase and stay in combat with a target past range 30. But keeping a target in combat isn't just about the terrain, you need to be equipped with a weapon that reaches that distance too. So you're probably not going to keep a target in combat with a sling past 20, but when using a rifle and in an open field that distance increases a lot. I can't imagine ever having a target in combat past 40 distance tho since the longest initial engagement distance I've ever seen on an open field was in the mid 30s and you can usually immediately escape combat at that distance.