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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty low-key here. Though, we finally got a new bed. Yay! No more sleeping on layers of scavenged mattress topper foam and a box spring! I know, I know. How un-NEO Scavenger of me. But it was finally time to have a grown-up bed :)

Most of today was non-dev stuff. I spent some time meeting with the web developers, who are now about to start the visual design phase of the new site. We discussed colors, fonts, imagery, and navigation metaphors, and I'm excited to see what they come up with. Priority #1 is still usability, so simplicity will win over flashiness. But I'm hoping we can have both.

I also caught-up with Tiago's mobile port work, and it's moving along nicely! He fixed some major issues in the map, battle system, and even save files. It officially saves non-Flash cookies now! Well, the files are still .sol files, but no longer in the precarious Flash cookie folder. They now live in the user's AppData folder along with other real-live app data files, so are safe from cookie-cleaners. We may have a non-Flash PC version yet!

On the space prototype, I picked up where I left off working on the air pump data, and I'm still unsure if it'll work as intended. I'm starting to think this may be a case where I should just do it the cheap way and have hard-coded bits for things like air transfer, pumping, heating, etc. Like the room gas exchange is now. Trying to make this use the interaction system exclusively is getting out of hand and confusing, and maybe the interaction system can have certain keywords that spawn hard-coded functions to do complex stuff like this.

NEO Scavenger did this a lot with the conditions calling functions in the code by using keywords. I originally thought I should move away from this to enhance moddability. But I'm thinking some of this stuff is basic physics, and shouldn't need to be changed by data.

Also, the game may never exist if I try to make everything too perfect and extensible. Remember "game jam mode," Dan? Get on it!


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It's a turning point in any creative process when one starts to talk to themselves in public and scold themselves for being too perfectionist. XD A fun point too. ;)

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I wonder if this is what the RPGCodex gang was warning me of: gradually descending into insanity while pursuing the elusive "perfect game" :)

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