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Makeshift ragshoe

Hi, I apologize up first for my poor english. I want to ask you guys how do you even use the Makeshift ragshoe, I mean I craft a fresh one 100% condition and before my blisters even heal (3 days I think) my ragshoe is already out of condition and lost. Am I doing something wrong? Or thoses shoes are just completely useless?

Thanks for the answers

they're mostly useless, mainly because they're still improper footwear and give you blisters which defeats the purpose of wearing shoes to begin with. Their only use as far as I can tell is to prevent you from injuring your feet on rough terrain, but you need to make sure you take them off before you end your turn so they can't give you blisters. They degrade pretty quickly but only 3 days sounds way too fast, but even when they fall apart you can just make a new pair since most of the materials will be returned to you.

Ok thanks

I just found it strange because the Wiki said "The blisters will heal on their own in 72 hours, so in order for player to enjoy any bonus from wearing rag shoe (removing barefoot condition and not suffering from blisters anymore), he will have to wear them for more than 3 days.", when you can't even wear them for more than 3 days because they fall appart before that.

yeah...the wiki's wrong if that's what it says. Rag Shoes will protect your feet from being injured by rough terrain, but they will always count as improper footwear and will GIVE you blisters, not prevent them or even allow them to heal.

Also, the rate at which your footwear degrades depends on what you're doing. If you're Running and moving around a lot they'll wear out faster than if you're just staying in one location looting. I believe they also wear out faster on rough terrain, so walking in forests or ruined city hexes will cause them to degrade quickly as well. I've used Rag Shoes in a pinch, but when given the choice I avoid them as much as possible.

Ok, well now I don't see a lots of reason to use them if I always get a penalty wearing them. But thanks for the clarification!

Don't write them off completely, like I said they do protect your feet from being injured by terrain. You just need to know how to game the system so you can minimize the chances of getting blisters too. It's tedious, but if you put them on at the start of your turn and remove them before you end turn you drastically reduce the chances of getting blisters from them while maximizing the protection you get from them. From what I've seen you can only injure your feet while taking actions, but you'll only get blisters at the start of your turn. So you can wear the rag shoes while doing things that could injure your feet, like moving or looting in rough terrain, and then remove them when the game runs the check to see if you've gotten blisters. If you can't find any other footwear to use they can keep you moving when you'd otherwise be struggling along with injured feet, you just need to be careful about how you use them. On the other hand, you'll get the exact same performance from wearing any other footwear in the game when you wear it on the wrong foot. So as soon as you find 2 shoes of any kind the rag shoes become completely useless.