Blue rot defeated

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Blue rot defeated

Done and done it boyo. after countless games where im rolling in cash just to be stomped out by sudden BLUE ROT, i have finally conquered the beast.

not sure how many days in it was, but I can tell you at least a month. After doing a few encounters involving Blue Frogs, I was happily scavenging the wasteland, stocking up on alcohol and medicine alike, just ready to head back to the junk market and get fat stax. By now, I was already at around $8000 and was saving up to get eye augments

However, along my journeys, suddenly BLUE ROT 2. I rushed my ass back to the DMC, and - ill keep it short.

It took a few weeks to get myself fully back to normal, and costed me around 4000 dollars. Many nanorobot medical treatments, sleeping bags, renting a van out at $800 a week and just sitting around resting was the most it took. It was a shaky endeavor, as I'd have to watch to see if my antibiotics wore off or if I needed another sip of tannin tea to keep me going. I also did many checkups in the DMC, and managed to catch Pneumonia 1 and stomp it out before it became my worst nightmare.

Eventually, Phillip wakes up to no blue rot, finally free from this grim reaper disease

Blue rot 0 Phillip Kindred 1, I am now prepared for anything

((really, its actually Blue Rot 938424972894 and Phillip Kindred 1 :-] ))

Oh...uhm.... I don't wonna burst this lovely bubble, cause you seem so happy. ;) I'm just gonna say... maybe you did beat it. Maybe. Or maybe it'll be back. ;)

DMC can't really actually completely cure Blue Rot... just suppress it, usually. But maybe you beat it completely, who knows. Maybe your immune system pushed through! Only time will tell. :D

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On the bright side, if you did manage to beat the Blue Rot then you're immune to future infection now so you don't need to worry about it ever again. But even if your condition list doesn't show it you could still have blue rot 1, the only way to be sure is to get checked out at the medical center in the city. If your full body scan comes up clear then you've beaten the Blue Rot and are immune to it...if you still have Blue Rot 1 then you need to rest more or it'll escalate again :)