Website PM Fix, and Door Pathfinding

Hey Folks! Productive day today. Website fixes and game dev :)

The website fix is something some of you may have run into. Apparently, the user contact forms would never work due to a missing Subject field. So probably, nobody's been able to contact each other since the new site went live. I've got this fixed now, and thanks to James Murchie for the heads-up!

Back on the game dev front, I've been further fleshing-out the new doors feature to work with other systems.

First order of business was to get the pathfinding code to use the new tile conditions, instead of the old tile socket/passable flags. Once that was done, doors could affect the pathfinding cost of a tile differently depending on their state.

Then, I updated the pathfinding heatmap code to give open and closed doors higher path costs, so AIs would prefer routes without doors first, then with open doors, and finally with closed doors. So far, so good.

The trick now is to see if I can get AIs to interact with doors if they are in the way. I could just make the doors auto-open like in Star Trek, but I think it's just about the same amount of work to make AIs pause, manually open doors, and then continue when pathfinding. And since I want situations where the doors auto-lock during depressurization or other emergencies, AI manual override is going to have to be done eventually.

Plus, this gives me the opportunity to have el-cheapo doors that require manual opening, and luxury doors that auto-open, later on. (I'm also not entirely sure how I want to handle things like onboard ship equipment that detects things like nearby AIs, pressure, and other situational stuff. But that's coming up soon, methinks.)

Anyway, we're most of the way there as of this evening. The code is in place, as are the necessary data files. I just need to work out the bugs. More on that tomorrow!


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James Murchie