Just in. What are your most memorable/embarrassing moments in the game?

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Just in. What are your most memorable/embarrassing moments in the game?

First off. Greetings from Coventry England. I'm aaron a noob in this community. started playing about a week ago and started to get addicted into it. Although there are some frustrations at first, I really enjoyed a lot. Just wondering what are your memorable or embarassing moments as beginner. Mine was when i started to go camping and looting with those chest but of course there's this character with spear and I freaked out everytime it tries to finish me off. Another thing was the zombie-like enemy who tried pulling the arrow upon shutting him which have stabbed me to death. Tough opponent though. That's it. Will try to keep posting in the future for my progress. Looking forward to find friends and good players here.


Welcome aboard. :)

Embarrassing admission from way back in the day: It took me two months of obsessive playing before I ever made it to DMC. ;) For those two whole months I just refused to abandon my obviously spectacularly flawed strategy and learn that a) I should avoid fights, b) I shouldn't wait till I was fully equipped before leaving Cryo. Taking one's head out of one's ass can be a painfully slow process sometimes, even when the world keeps hitting you over the head with proof of how wrong you are. XD

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Most Embarrassing Moment :
Forgetting to sleep, Then Blacking out during a Dogman Leader Fight, And it was a really Good Run too

Most Memorable Moment :
Finding a Rifle And 15 Rounds In the same scavenge site, And a box. (and a stick)

Player : I wil steb u
Bad Mutha : nu plz (has Pistol)
Player : Steb
Bad Mutha : Bad Mutha Fires At The Player.. And Hits!
Player : I is nu die
PLayer : I wil steb u with sper and u is dei
Player : *Stab*
Bad Mutha : *Dead*

Welcome aboard as well. It's awesome to see that new people are still getting this game.

Most Embarrassing:
Having a Bad Mutha run towards me from 30 tiles away, while I stand there ready to destroy him with my broad spear. I just keep passing turns, and when he gets within 5 or so range, I finally just decide to charge as well.
I trip, and then proceed to get kicked and punched to death, none of my moves working, as Phillip (your character in the game) presumably flails on the ground and dies.

Most Memorable:

When I was starting to get really dehydrated, to the point of danger, and just said "screw it" and drank a ton from a pond. I thought I'd deal with the consequences later. I then immediately find a soup can. -_-, sepsis may or may not have killed me. I don't remember.

Most embarrassing:
Had full DMC gear and got killed by a shotgun shot from a dmc guard while I was sneaking in the forest, looking for him. He scored a headshot on me in the middle of the night in the forest dumbfiring.

most memorable:
The first time I killed the wraith with a meat cleaver after having to surrender and getting my necklace stolen

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