New Beta Build: Combat Phase 1

Beta v0.941b is here! I had a stable enough build today that I decided to try and upload it to share progress so far. Sure enough, immediately after uploading it, I started finding bugs. Still, there's lots of new stuff there to play with, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So what's new?

Combat Phase 1

As you can tell from the title, the new combat system is the big feature to look for. Combat now takes place when a player ends their turn in an occupied hex. Creatures attracted via scavenging appear in the current hex, which means combat immediately starts after scavenge results.

Once in combat, player stats are on the left, opponents on the right, and battleground info in the middle. Pay particular attention to range and ground. Range determines which moves are available, and their success rate. Ground affects chances of tripping when moving around.

You can flip through the opponents with the arrows alongside the creature image, if there are any. And both player and creature stats include a space for current conditions, such as "fallen," "winded," etc. These can affect which moves are available too.

Otherwise, combat works pretty much like a regular encounter. It's over when the player retreats or dies, or all combatants have either retreated or died.

What does "Phase 1" mean? Well, there are still features planned for the new combat system. Wounds are a big one, which will hopefully make injury a bigger deal, and add more ways to mitigate them. Also, skill-specific moves are coming up (only basic moves that everyone can use are in right now).

So give it a shot, and let me know how it plays! There's a lot going on in there, and maybe not all our design decisions were right. So if something feels off, give us a shout in the forums. And if something seems awesome, it can't hurt to say so as well!

Other Updates

It's been over a month since the last update, so there are other changes as well. The following is a sampling of other features and updates:

  • Updated scent footprints to all be red, and they fade with age, rather than turning purple/blue
  • Fixed a bug that caused scavenging not to deduct one move
  • Added code to force shack hexes to have a building on first visit
  • Increased locked shed loot probability with tools. Reduced locked shed frequency, and increased unlocked shed. Should reduce the overall chances of finding empty locked sheds, without making loot too abundant
  • Added expandable message window with 22 backlog messages for easier combat review
  • Added rollover expandability to message window
  • Added website features to reduce spambot posts and accounts
  • Added improved alertness to dogman
  • Added skewed random number generator, letting me prefer low, high, and mid ranges for specialized rolls
  • Changed damage calculations to be bell-curve within min-max range, rather than flat random
  • Changed random creature starting penalties (damage, fatigue, etc.) to use low random amount
  • Added morale for AI
  • Added morale effects to existing conditions such as starvation, fatigue, and disease
  • Rewrote screen toggle code so hotkeys and buttons behave more intuitively when switching screens
  • Changed turn order such that player moves, then creatures, then world updates and everybody refreshes. (used to be player moves, world updates, creatures move)
  • Reduced scent bonus for tracking skill
  • Reduced chances and quantities of rifle/ammo in game
  • Changed creature display to stagger when more than one on a hex

Phew! Quite a bit!

No doubt I've broken a few things with all this development, so I apologize in advance for any bugs. Have fun, and I look forward to your feedback!