Another Business Admin Day

Not much to report in gamedev-land today, as pretty much the entirety of the day was spent filling out forms, mailing things, calling offices, and sorting out other business tasks. The good news is that the bulk of it involved the final steps to incorporating Blue Bottle Games, LLC. It's pretty much a done deal now, and I'm just waiting for the various parties to sync-up. (I.e. lawyers, government)

I did arrive at a decision last night about what to do next in the prototype, though. I think I'm going to switch to a sort-of "jam mentality" for a little while. Basically, start acting like I've only got days or weeks to get this thing playable, and start hammering out quick-and-dirty (QnD) solutions for all the pieces of the game.

So far, I have the following bare bones pieces:

  • Ship Building/Editing
  • Crew AI Simulation (Both needs-fulfillment and pathfinding)
  • Crew/Ship Inventory

And stuff I think I should knock-out asap:

  • Ship HVAC Simulation (atmo, temperature, humidity, hull breaches)
  • Ship Command Station that launches navigation UI and handles landing
  • Navigation UI
  • Landing on Planet/Moon/Base UI
  • Full Crew UI Portraits (Like party members in Baldur's Gate) to choose and view crew status quickly.
  • Ship Complex Equipment Simulation (e.g. reactor)
  • Airlocks (usable by AI)
  • Hire/Fire Crew
  • Load/Unload Ship Cargo (And fuel, O2, food, water, etc.)
  • In-flight Random Encounters
  • Surface Random Encounters

Total rough draft here. But I think that'll get the game to a more playable state. Basically a large game loop of designing the ship, loading it with crew and supplies, take-off, fly around, deal with encounter, land at destination, repair ship, repeat.

I'll sort out lighting, fancy graphics, AI emotional realism, and all that other nonsense later when there's more game in place :)


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When I was reading this all I could think about was the atmosphere system in SS13. They did a pretty good job on it and it ties into a lot of other mechanics in the game. Best of all they were using unity! Anyhow, this doesn't really help, I just thought that I would share my thoughts while reading this.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

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Don't forget to add a chance encounter with a pack of dogmen which (unpreventably) tear half your crew apart before you make a hasty retreat.