A Bit More AI Before Switching to Ships

I'm starting to burn out on this AI stuff. I spent another morning looking over potential interactions, cribbing example dramatic interactions from summaries of Hamlet, Dr. No, and Casablanca. I was planning on comparing this to my existing list of "payloads" as well as existing interactions, in the hopes of grouping as many as possible into a short list for easier payload creation.

Somehow, doing this put a bullet right through my motivation. Which is weird. I was feeling really good about this process last night. I think I reached a point where I wasn't sure what to do next.

I decided to turn back to the code, to fix up the half-edited changes I was making to support this new master list of stats, needs, and ticks. It involved changing the incremental (integer-based) condition system into a fractional (floating-point-based) system. This allows me to say the blood restores at a rate of 0.0006 liters per hour, as opposed to 6 liters per 10000 hours as I would if decimals weren't allowed. Plus, I can have smaller modifiers/buffs this way.

I got that change made, then ripped out an old feature that added a list of new conditions each time an existing condition incremented (since they don't increment anymore). Plus, I found and fixed a few bugs that regressed somewhere along the way (mostly involving pathfinding breaking the reply logic).

After all this, I still balked at doing any more emotional/drama design. I think my mind is just spent.

So I switched to graphics for a bit. I've been meaning to try a new set of 16x16 tiles to go with my 32x32 crew. The artist I worked with had some compelling reasons to try smaller tiles than 32x32, and what's more, a smaller tile size would allow me to do more detailed ship layouts. (Basically, more granularity for edges, curves, and angles.)

I hacked together some 16x16 tiles for walls, diagonals, and floors, and modified the existing toilet, fridge, and other items to work with the new grid size. I even found a few places to spruce up the furniture, by adding heights and shadows to them. (I think anyway. Let's see if it works.)

And now, I'm in the process of changing the game's grid size. Which, as it turns out, is not as simple as I thought. I must've hard-coded more pieces than I realized. But, this is way easier on the brain right now. Maybe I just needed to switch from conceptual mode to spatial mode, because I feel much fresher on these problems.

Didn't get it finished yet, though. I'll have to resume tomorrow morning. Until then, have a good one!