This game makes me a scumbag

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This game makes me a scumbag

Like no other game I've ever played.

I mean, yeah, some games encourage you to be villainous and so on. I don't think any has made me feel like such a self-interested jerk as Neo Scavenger though.

Oh, there's a woman about to fall to her death as her struggling partner tries to help her? Yeah, I'm not going to help. Last time I did I broke my legs.

Slavers about to kidnap a family? Hm, I'm sneaking off. Last time I helped I got shot in the back.

Fat dude from the city wants some survival tips? Yeah, when I helped you before you were a selfish jerk, buddy. This time I'm taking your stuff.

Even outside the random encounters (which seem designed to make you feel terrible even if you help people!) I usually take to killing everyone except DMC guards.

What's want to talk, Looter? You want to discuss how bad this awful life is, and how we're actually such similar people?

Unlucky, because I want your boots. And I'm going to stab you in the neck to get them. RAARRRGHHH!

I know, right? I kinda love this about NEO. :)

Personally, I consider this as the game making me super pragmatic. I mean usually in games it's pretty straightforward, you play good or play bad or somewhere in between, but at least when you're not playing a totally evil character you expect to be rewarded for trying to help someone in need. In reality, if I was actually in a life or death scenario trying to survive the apocalypse, would I really go and try to play a hero, rescuing a family from a bunch of mean looking armed folks? I'm honestly very doubtful. I'd feel horrible for them, sure, but risk my neck? I ain't a superhero.

Not sure about the boots though. XD Then again, I will probably not go killing looters for boots unless I'm actually playing a combat oriented Phil anyway. Without combat skills I just won't risk it. Cause again, my life for a pair of boots, really? The odds just don't stack up.

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I play somewhere in the middle. Most of the time I'll help people, but I've killed Looters for their shoes or their NVGs before. And if you have a gun and aren't a DMC Guard, I'm putting you down. Not gonna take that chance, bro.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Always middle for me now, a few times I tried the "good" approach, but that resulted in a black screen and me starting from scratch again. Never playing the "bad" approach as well, mainly because there's no reason to do so, I might get a flashlight or a gun or something to eat from it, but the game gives you so many flashlights or guns anyway that there's just no reason to get more.

But yes, I've killed looters for gear - and if someone is sporting a gun I look, if it's a DMC or ATN or Martha's Soldier it's fine, else I shoot. :)

My catch about it is that I'm usually able to rationalize anything that I do.

Wearing a bulletproof vest? let's see if that looter with a gun will fire, I'm dead curious. They never have enough rounds to kill me.

Looter? If I don't see a shirt, crowbar and two shoes on their feet at least, they probably aren't worth tussling with, wait until they gear up and kill them if they ever become a threat

Blue frog? Oh hey man, I got that sash too. Nice gas mask *Spears him* Thanks jackass, I needed more filters to stop you guys from killing me with your insanity

DMC guard? Sorry, I only need to kill one of them, there's literally no other way to obtain their gear.

Bad mutha? Cannibals, kill.

Martha's soldiers? Stupid luddites, act friendly then beat them unconscious. Who said you had to always kill people to get loot? a well placed finishing leg pull and kicks work to knock people out

Just add nuts!

In my latest game, I found a DMC guard unconscious in the sprawl (not sure why - wasn't injured - maybe asleep?), so I snuck over, looted him and left. Killing them is not the only way!

Yeah, it sorta is, unless they're already unconscious. Any combat with them that lasts long enough to summon a sniper drone grants you a lovely dose of exile. So the easiest way to get their gear is to sneak up to them 3 spaces away with a spear or get right up on them with a meat cleaver because guns can't point blank at 0. Blunt melee combat with them is rarely quick enough to knock them out and loot them before the drone comes around, since even blunt combat has a chance to collapse their lungs or skull.I'd rather just give them a quick death and not ruin their gear with repeated strikes, because combat degrades armor.

One or two hits, dead. it's fine. I mean, it's their job and they knew what they signed up for. The wasteland is just that, a wasteland where 90% of the inhabitants are willing to slaughter a dude for his shoes, or kill a man wearing nothing but a hospital gown for the sake of violence. To be fair, killing people makes the game really fucking easy, because nobody, even DMC guards have qualms about killing you with a well aimed shotgun blast if they think you're a threat... Which literally means, enter their tile in the middle of the night and if neither of you see each other, they'll fire randomly. I've lost a 40 day character that had everything, eye augments the legendary skills and all. I was killed by an overzealous guard, so yeah.

Just add nuts!

Totally fine, but man, you forgot to put a dick in his mouth and take a selfie!

I took a man's Pack boots while he was chained to a gas dispenser