Back From Holidays, Working on Multiple Combatants

So vacation was a success. Lots of sun, campfires, crickets, and chopping wood. Just what I needed to ensure I don't waste away at my computer :)

Multiple Combatants

I spent most of today bug-fixing combat for multiple combatants. Things were going pretty smoothly before vacation as long as there was one-on-one combat, but I hadn't yet tested multiple opponents.

Well, there were a lot of problems. Lots of issues with tracking the addition/removal of combatants mid-combat, as well as switching between focus on combatants. I think it's pretty stable now, and here's what it looks like so far:

IMAGE( Blocking a raider's tackle while a looter wets his pants.

I also made some changes to the timing of combat moves. Now, certain moves always happen before others, such as getting up, parrying, or dodging. This way, actions make more sense (parries make subsequent attacks harder, and getting up should happen sooner in case a later attack knocks them down again).

I need to look into combat without players next (e.g. what happens when AI meet in a hex without a player), and probably some of the previously-mentioned skill moves.

Hopefully, I'll have more to share tomorrow, and I'll keep trying for a stable build that I can upload!