More Flaws & Diseases

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More Flaws & Diseases

So, here is my "creative" list of extra flaws and some more diseases.


Sensitive skin
Having multiple layers of clothing irritates player's skin, causing minor pain.

Weak immune system
Player's immune system is weaker than most, making him prone to disease. Maybe a permanent immune system increase/medication available at DMC?

Heart problem
When startled, player's heart rate increases abnormally, causing him to black out if too high.

Player has overwhelming energy, and must move consistently, making him tired more quickly.

Player's sense of hearing is extremely sensitive, and loud sounds will cause him pain. This also causes him to wake up more quickly. Player also feels pain more than most.


Common Cold
Player has a cough and sneezes frequently, decreasing concentration and alertness. He is also very quick of hearing, and "normal" sounds will hurt him.

If player eats too much or too little sugar content, he will become extremely sick. Cure available at DMC/ATN maybe?

Heart attack
If player receives too much torso damage, but without dying of cardiac arrest/acute lung bleeding, he may have a heart attack and receive stabbing chest pain before blacking out. Player has a 50% chance of dying from this.

If player receives too much head damage, enough to make him black out but not enough to cause death, he has a 75% of contracting more amnesia than he already has, which will remove all discovered places and hexes from the map.

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Examples include ZomZom's, DMC, the Cryo Facility, Allegan Fairgrounds, Camp Grayling and the Strange Forest.

I've done enough thinking for now, i'm tired now lol. May add more soon

I am stalking you

Some of these would be pretty extensive modding projects on their own, but they're sensible ideas actually.

I dont know how loud sounds would come in the form of, thatd be a whole new system, but my favourite idea is the Amnesia one. hehe