Don't Click This!!!!

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Don't Click This!!!!

Oh! You clicked it!

Why on earth would you do that?

You just go around clicking things people tell you not to click?

Oh. That's wrong.

As your punishment......

I'm going make you count to 100 with me!

















Alright.... So maybe not.....

That would take forever!

But I bet you didn't even notice that I skipped 11!

And now you're questioning yourself!


-__- You went back didn't you?

I knew you would.

*sigh* What am I going to do with you?

Oh! I know!

"Silent Treatment!"

Ha ha! ;-)

That felt good.

I bet you were like, "Aw...."

What? No! I don't read minds.

But I know what you're thinking.

"This is so cool! And so funny! I'm so gonna comment!"

Oh, yes. You should totally comment.

I am stalking you

Nope, i didn't click it. Instead, i hovered my mouse over it, and noted (in the small browser pop-up which tells what is the address of the page opened by the hovered-over link) that it leads to the page. So i typed in this address in my browser address bar, and arrived here without clicking it.

You thought you're smart? Sure did. Sorry, pal, you're not the smartest in the world, otherwise you'd outsmart me. Which, you didn't. :P

So, your punishment does not apply to me. Woops, find some other victim, will ya. :P

Yep, i didn't notice you skipped 11, because i was not going to actually read all those numbers - i'm not punished by reading them, remember? :P

And nope, you don't know what i am thinking. Sorry. But i can share. You won't like it, though. So i warn you - don't click, or otherwise read the contents of, the spoiler! :P

Spoiler: Highlight to view
This is lots of forum space taken by our both useless posts, pal. Fortunately, it's in proper space, - exactly where useless posts are to be made. Unfortunately, noone gives a dam about both your and my posts. Well, except people who are bored and otherwise silly going, at the time. So you better brace for all sorts of disappointment, if you expect people react... The smallest of which would probably be very silent treatment most folks - possibly everyone except yours truly, - would give. Not that my here post is less disappointing to ya than my silence would be, too!

Yep, life is harsh. May be go EMO, if not yet. Then at least you can shed tears about it without any hesitation! :)

Yeah, if you do click the spoiler, your own disappointment and/or rage and/or boredom is the punishment. So i won't even need to do a thing even if you do. That's how you do it properly, you know. ;)

P.S. And no, there is no separate link to contents of any particular spoiler. Sorry! :P

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the fuck is this shit

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Yup, this is an old thread. I remember when it was new! Too bad all of these, or at least most old players/forum members don't post anymore.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

hey Asthe:) good to see ya here, whelp, I hope that you and I can make off topic used again. People who post here don't usually get any attention,\. But this should not be the case. Not everyone wants to talk about the game and if they have something that relates to the game but would spam up the regular comments section should be able to use this place:) How about we try to tug people back to this place, I like to think of it like a hot tub. Right now it's old and grimy in disuse, but if someone washed it down and put in new components, it would run like the social king of parties it used to be. Unfortunately seeing as it never was, I hope that we can further shatter expectations fortunately and make it an awesome place for those who have interesting things to say:D!!! and may the shins always be with you :D))))))))))) <---- obese guy who has too many chins and needs to stop drinking mountain dew and eating Doritos and using the toilet as his gaming seat and not going out to get anything but orders dominoes and also uses Amazon and makes money making youtube videos of him playing dumb games and not NEO scavenger which it the coolest game ever :D)))))))))))))