The saved childhood memories

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The saved childhood memories

Day 1. Found this journal, along with a pen outside of a strange facility. I was dressed in... Riot guard armor? It had a badge on it, saying: "DMC GUARD: Philip Kindred" along with a lot of other junk I don't understand. I killed a dogman with my bare hands, hah! Found a revolver and a crowbar in a box in the facility, I believe this is from the "DMC Guard" loadout, although this is an assumption. Found a "Hiya Poopy!" DVD in my pocket.

Day 2-6. I've been walking somewhere, I don't know where I'm going. I killed about... 2 people so far? I guess thats a record?
I feel like this Poopy DVD symbolises something.

Day 7. I found a glow... I'm gonna go check it out.

Day 7.3. I found a city, a LOT of trash people outside the gate. I tried going in, but they denied me entrance for some reason. I also realized that I lost my badge... Strange.

Day 7.6. A man named "Hatter" approached me, beckoning me to follow him. I did so, and got lead into an office. I showed him security footage of me kicking a dogman's butt. He seemed... Okay, with it, and gave me a Megacity Entrance Pass. Before I went into the gate, I found... 3000 DOLLARS? HOW!

Day 8. I had like, 5 surgeries done on my eyes, now I can see perfectly in the dark. I'm starting to build a love for this DVD apparently.

Day 9. Was approached for a job offer by Hatter. He told me to go to a "Camp Greyling". I went there, killing 10 people on the way.

Day 10 (On the way to Camp.) I went to sleep, and set some noise traps around camp. Someone tried to steal some blue pants off the ground when I woke up and blew their head off. Surprised them, heh.

I went to sleep again, and woke up to ANOTHER guy trying to steal stuff. Blew his head off.

One more guy tried to steal, killed him with two shots.

Day 11. I reached the camp, with a long walk. I walked on the outside of the fence, but greeted about 5 raiders. I told them I was just passing by, and then walked there again to find no one. I entered the camp, to be damaged by a TON of radiation waves. From experience in electronics, I realized these were micro waves from machinery that was slowly killing me. I went to a forklift, rigging it to drive towards the maintenance tower. I walked behind the forklift, then going into the tower and going upwards. I looked in all directions, no signs of life except the machines.

I then decided it was time to go to the storage shed. There was a bunker, with a strange machine. I hacked it to give me more time, then browsed the queries. I took too much time, I went onto a drone and flew off. The drone was a bit clunky at first, but it flew smoothly. I am writing the day 10 and 11 entry from memory, as I wrote this inside the drone.

I still have this Hiya Poopy! DVD... I feel like it's a childhood memory. Ah, yes.

I love poopy. Haha.

For anyone who's reading this...Good luck surviving the wasteland, or whatever it is.

*There is a good picture scrawled under all these words, it's a picture of a toxic waste sign and a sign of rebirth. What?*

(This is ALL a true story, I had cheats do some of this but the rest is legit. I won by flying off into another location.)

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