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Need Help!

I want to create a simple mod that changes the computer screens to look like a windows 7 computer. I have tried simply editing the image files but it does seem to work. The files i edit disappear! I already have all the picture files i just need to know how to put them in the game.

Hey Spike41! What you're doing seems like it should work, but there are a few things that could trip it up.

1 - The first thing to check would be that you're editing both the normal and 2x version of the image. Many images in the game, including encounter illustrations, have a 2x version for the "BIG UI" size. If you only edit one of the two illustration versions, and your game is set to the other UI size, that would cause changes to not appear.

2 - If you are directly editing the images found in the game's /img folder and are a Steam user, it's possible Steam is noticing your files don't match and is trying to get them from the server. Or similarly, you made changed before a patch came out and Steam auto-updated and overwrote the files. Generally, modders should be adding new files to mod folders rather than editing original game files, and this is one reason why. (It also prevents other mods from overwriting your changes.) The included sample mod shows how to setup a new mod folder.

3 - If your NEO Scavenger game folder is under certain Windows folders like /Program Files or /Program Files (x86), Windows might be doing some funny business with them. I've had trouble overwriting files in those folders, even when I was the Admin user. (Changes would be ignored or revert.) The workaround to this was either to make changes to a copy elsewhere on the PC and then copy the changed file over, or move the game folder outside of a protected folder.

Hopefully, one of the above hints helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks a lot! I used #3. Making a mod folder seemed to complicated so i just copied the img folder to pictures, edited it there, and then put it back! It works now. Thanks again!