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Questions about Information on the Dev State

I've been aware of NEO Scavenger for a long while. I enjoyed the demo, and a while later, I got it on Steam, and played for a while. Then I stopped playing for a while, and just recently, I started playing for a few days (including today).

I wanna follow the development of this game, and future games, more closely. So my questions are: Is development on this game (beyond small features and fixes) at an end? And is a new game already in progress? I saw *some* details on the blog for this newer game, so I assume this is the case. And is there an easy way to catch up on all of the progress of this new game from the beginning (I like to watch development as it progresses along)?

I wanna get caught up to speed, you could say.

You're right, development of this game is at an end beyond the small fixes you mention. The game is currently being ported into mobile, but not by Dan, the developer, himself. Instead, Dan is currently working on a new game set in space, like you probably saw on the blog. It isn't a direct continuation of Philip's story (that will probably come later), but it's still within the same universe.

Mentions of the new game in the daily devlog (News) probably start somewhere around spring 2015 and get more common further down the months. You may need to skim through the general "indie dev life" posts, but other than that you can follow the development from basically ground up. Dan also doesn't mind answering questions and comments about the daily progress there, so if you like that sort of thing, you might enjoy it.

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I love the hell out of Kerbal Space Program, and space games. So I'm really eager for this next game. If only he had more visuals for a lot of the stuff he's talking about in some of his earlier posts from May 2015 (which is where I'm at as of writing this post). I'm definitely catching up on this shit.

Lin's pretty much covered it already. (Thanks for fielding this, Lin!) I'll just add a few side notes and insights.

First, you're totally right that catching-up on the state of this new game is a bear of a task. Probably hundreds of devlog entries to sift through. And many are without engaging visuals. This is something I'm hoping to improve with the new website, also in the works (outside design firm ramping-up now).

It's interesting that you bring up May 2015 as an example. That was way back when I was doing sort of a high level "vertical slice" as they say in the business. Basically, working on a little bit of each major feature so I could see how the pieces worked together.

At that point, it was the solar system sim and navigation, the planetfall/landing phase, and tile-based ship design. And all was roughly working in the HaxeFlixel engine. (Haxe + OpenFL + HaxeFlixel)

Since then, I've actually moved to Unity for UI and graphics reasons. I wanted to have better UI support (e.g. text display) and features like lighting/shadows inside the ship. (E.g. Normal/bump maps for highlights, monitors casting blue light on the area, darkened derelict ships.)

In the new Unity engine, I have the tile-based ship design working, and I'm working on the crew management/drama simulator, which was missing in the Haxe engine. Except, I'm now missing a working solar system map and planetfall.

I still plan to port those pieces over to the new engine, but since I already pretty much had them working, and the crew drama sim was never figured out, I'm focusing on that first.

In the end, I'm sort of hoping for a FireFly-like crew drama experience mixed with Prison Architect-style ship-building. With some Starflight-esque planetfall/exploration and FTL destruction thrown in for good measure :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm starting to miss when your crew all had the names of the characters from Firefly (great show, and the movie was awesome). And I've gotten caught up a while ago with where you're at as of the state of things. Thanks for expanding on what's going on, though; I didn't realize you were planning to work out the crew sim before you ported everything. That kinda went over my head as I was reading into your engine swap.

if you like space faring rougelikes, may I suggest a game by the name of 'Space Station 13', I think the new game by BlueBottle takes a small amount of inspiration from the game, as I adore it. Check out a dude by the name of 'PlumpHelmetPunk' On youtube if you want vidoes of it, or just check the ss13 wiki to see if you like it.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Are you referring to the game on the BYOND engine? I have a BYOND account, so I know what BYOND is; I just didn't expect Space Station 13 to be a BYOND game.