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Neo Scavenger for Android - Browser

I was experimenting with my Android the other day and found I can completely load the game using Chrome, Mozilla or a few of the flash players out there. However after the loading screen finishes and the main screen should load, I get a blank black screen with a blue border instead of the main page.

My suggestion is to make this game work on this platform.

Think of the potential revenue on Google play or the apple app store! There isn't a game like it!

The game is in the process of being ported to the mobile devices already. No ETA yet, but it's being done.

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Seem like its so close to working. Glad to hear youre thinking about it.
I did some more research. Is the Flash browser version actually disabled becausse you want to build a stand alone app specifically for Google play or the Apple App store?

Need/Want some help with that? :) I came here to suggest exact that: it's a pretty good idea to port it to IOS and Android. I'm willing to offer help and some other ideas, translation and platform wise.

- Kern

Has the game already been ported to mobile devices?

Sara -

A mobile version is about to launch in early March.

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Or later in March. Might be April.

Please make it launch soon.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

You know, praying to yourself is bordering on sacrilege. XD

That said, I should know better than to name actual timeframes. Doing something as stupid as that might anger the actual gods. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Hello, I've just bought the game on steam, I had no clue you were going mobile! Will there be a way to sync it together, or will we have to buy the mobile version, too, like Mine craft and Mine craft Pocket Edition? :c

Hey WolfKinForen,

Currently, there is no plan to sync mobile to the PC versions. They'll have to be purchased separately.

There may come a day where buying once allows players to play anywhere, on any device. But based on my (failed) experiment with Desura/Steam/ cross-play, I don't think it'll happen soon. Sorry!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games