[Mod idea] Realism in acquiring software/apps for electronics (Please someone ease my suffering)

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[Mod idea] Realism in acquiring software/apps for electronics (Please someone ease my suffering)

Sorry but am I the only one who is slightly annoyed by the randomness of acquiring software in this game's let alone where its usually found.

I mean one would imagine that apps for a god damn phone/tablet could be found in a fucking city rather than a shanty market outside of it....Sorry I was playing a technophiliac/mechanic/cowardly character with MMoD and overhaul installed and just realized how annoying hacking is in this game as I just realized that after waiting AN ENTIRE FIVE IN GAME MONTHS BESIDE THE ASSHOLES IN THE JUNK MARKETS.....

I found fuck all aside from some tablet gps software, as you can imagine this would be annoying especially when my char had seven phones two tablets and brick like cellphone (AND A HACKING SKILL) all waiting to be cracked when my char could probably have managed to have coded his own god damn cracking software by then in a abandoned house beside the market while waiting for the software to come into the shelves a place which....wait why does a junk market sell usb's/software ??? which are useless for most living in the squalor of the sprawl

I then realized while grinding for cash "Wait I am beside a fucking technologically advanced overpopulated city that probably still has telephone connections and or wifi networks to some form of localized server used as a basic internet and I have a pc so why can I not be a true bastard and get some software or if not that find some greasy, caffeine addicted computer nerd or hacker to sell me the software"....So I actually checked C-store for once to see if there was some feature I was unaware of and was disappointed

So yes obviously cracking software should not be easy to find and probably should need some dialogue/skill requirements to find them but since playing MMoD I found the red pawn was a great idea and I found it baffling that before getting MMoD installed that it was easier to get LA SIK or EVEN ROBOTIC EYES, than a phone in a city filled with rich bastards ready to either be stolen from or sell me shit to secure their place as decadent assholes

Please someone ease my eternal torment as I have the coding ability of a dog, I barely managed to add in a useless item into this game and this is so annoying as the only mod I have found to even partially ease my suffering is Neo scavanger extended which it only allows for modifications of software that for me are rarer than a cannibal that converts to the holy church of veganism .

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

I would now like to see this done as well as make a bigger use of GPS and cracking software as well as the RFID software, lie maybe frick'n make a huge cache of weapons able to be stolen if you go to the city and there can be the DMC Guard HQ where you can go in and hack their software and stuff to open their vault with an arsenal of special stuff reserved for their d_day when the city may need to be held an taken by them when it becomes too overpopulated to support. First you can go around to like a power grid and stall it out so their security goes off line, destabilizing them and the rest of the cities electric needs. Then you can go underground in the sewers to knock out the skyCorps patrols underground base of ops where their control tower sends them messages on what to do when it senses something/ knock out their radio communication. Then you can go into the HQ and be able to reconnect the single computer with everyones info for millions and also get a SkyCorps helicopter as well as many new and interesting weapons and medications. The only thing is that now you have to be careful going back in after this since there are street patrols and skycorps everywhere and you now have to bring a citizenship id to be able to go anywhere, that is the other thing, you can now go and get a citizenship id as well as go into the shopping district of the city since you hacked off a citizenship id, you can now buy the hi tech gadget of the people of the city can buy, you can get an electric car and a bed and stuff and you can rent or buy a house in the city as well as get a job of hack people on the street, but this way you will need the proper skills to do, maybe even all, for the pro's who know their coding to be able to get all of the skills only. This way the game will actually have more connection with the city. now the only thing is that if you stay are around for too long the hatter may throw you out for the sake of his mission needing to be done, like maybe a few months or a year in game. You can bring all of the gadgets out of the city too, and GPS now works as a mini map of your map, to test out the possible loot and actually show you what you will get without wasting your time going there. Also most stores will later in game have tons of stuff inside the if you have tech to find the stuff. Like you can hack open a locker and get a store of guns and ammo. This needs to be done by someone!

One thing at a time, to be honest I would kill for the bloody software to show up at the c-store given my current luck...I am curious about the odds of them appearing in the junk market as I have yet to find some cracking software, for any of my travois of marvelous electronic junk :p

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Well rather than waiting for this problem to be solved I am instead planning on adding these items to the C-store in dc, I hope that this will be as easy as modding cataclysm dda and not as hard as it was when I last checked....I only learned the basics of python so yes I am fucked

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Modding neo is literraly just changing a word here or there in a giant .ini file. the only difference it that it takes longer to learn what doesn't work.

in this case though, just open the treasure tables, and itemtypes files and get to work. hint: you need to change the treasuretable

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