Data Changes, Loot, and Website Planning

Hey Folks! Nothing too fancy to show off today. Most of the work was invisible groundwork for what's next in the prototype: containers and loot.

As mentioned earlier, I've been working on getting all items and crew in the prototype to be a bit better organized. I've now got everything refactored, and my item/crew objects have their visuals in one data file, while their game rule definitions are in another. This allows me to define things like starting conditions and AI preferences in the entity. I'm calling them "Condition Owners" or COs for short.

And now that COs can contain things, and add/remove COs from each other, I'm getting started on the concept of loot. A CO for a fridge, for example, might have starting loot of 5-10 food packets, while a CO for a pirate might have a longer list of items. And I want my AIs to be able to run around the ship taking items to be consumed or equipped.

My first inclination is to copy the treasure table format from NEO Scavenger, since I know it works. E.g. "ItemA=0.6x5-10" will mean there is a 60% chance of 5-10 ItemA objects inside. The main difference in this new game is no more AA:BB.CC naming formats. That numbering format caused all kinds of issues in NEO Scavenger, especially with modding. Using simple strings will make things easier on everyone.

So that's where I'll be picking up on Monday morning.

In other news, I've also begun working with a studio on revamping the Blue Bottle Games website! It's long overdue for an overhaul, and the security/outage incident earlier this year bumped up that priority. Things have been running fairly smoothly in the new software, but if anything happens, I still have to drop everything to fix it. This studio is going to help me redesign and reorganize, and it'll be good to have a company I can turn to in a case like that, and just say "please fix it" while I get back to game dev.

It's pricey, unfortunately, but I think the investment will be worth it because it's done right, it's secure, I can free up my time, and hopefully, it'll be a cooler website and easier to use!

Anyway, lots of stuff flying around these days! Space prototyping, mobile development, website upgrades, and NEO Scavenger'd almost think I were a real studio :)

Have a good weekend, all!


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How about making all in-game texts accessible right from the start, this might encourage people to make translations?

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So far, that's the plan. All in-game text is being drawn from data files. I guess UI may be an exception, but I'd like moddable UI to be a part of things for ship control panels, too. So there's room for doing it all.

Ideally :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games