NEO Scavenger Mobile! Plus Data Work

Good news, everyone! NEO Scavenger Mobile has a new dev!

As some of you know, I've had NEO Scavenger Mobile cooking on the back burner for a while now. Steve was porting the old NEO Scavenger Flash engine to Haxe so it could run on iOS, Android, and many more in the future. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Steve had to step down, and I've been looking for a replacement.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm happy to announce that the torch has been passed to Tiago Ling Alexandre! Tiago has quite a bit of experience both in developing Haxe apps as well as launching things on the AppStore and GooglePlay. I'm happy to have his expertise on board as he scavenges what he can from the ruins of AS3 code to craft a powerful tool for the future! Or at least, something to help me not starve and/or freeze to death :)

In other news, I slapped together a few normal maps for food packets and the fridge item, and fixed a few bugs to make them work in ship layouts. AI can now consume food packets left on the floor, as well as check fridges for food. (Currently, none found all the time.)

I also started work on a change to the way data is stored so that I can start defining things like typical crew and item stats. Currently, I have "item" data, which is a kind of mix between appearance and game stats. I'd like to change this such that "item" becomes purely visual stuff (images, shadows, grid placement), and a new data type will contain stats, available interactions, etc. This way, I can have a variety of unique entities in the game have different stats while sharing the same appearance.

It's slow-going, though. There's a bit of deep refactoring going on where I hacked stuff together to work. But hopefully, this is the next step towards having things like preset crew and item types (e.g. tough guy, mechanic, pilot, and malfunctioning fridge, fancy fridge, etc.)

More on that tomorrow!


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It will become a horror game? I mean, is there a bigger horror than a malfunctioning fridge? ;-)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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Malfunctioning coffee maker :)

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