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Continuing work on AI today, I managed to fix a bug that caused AIs to interact with other AIs that were currently busy doing something. For example, an AI trying to get some sleep might try doing so on the same bed another AI is currently using. Funny, yes. But not really the target behavior.

Once that was fixed, it was time to sit back and get a big picture of the AI system. So I built a new ship layout for testing, and added two crew members per bed (since right now, each AI starts with a high chance of sleepiness). Here's the result:


We're gonna need a bigger boat.

First things first. It's buggy. AIs are having conversations in rooms where other crew are trying to sleep. Some AIs are magically talking through walls and across the ship at other AIs. Some AIs are escaping mid-conversation and leaving the other AI waiting...

That said, AIs are having conversations! And sleeping! And navigating to each other (most of the time)! Overall, I think there's something workable here. And the icons are doing their job so far. I'm seeing them pop up around busy AIs and I have a rough idea of what's going down. Talking, inquiring, affirming or denying, sometimes yelling.

In this case, Rodriguez is being friendly to Brickell, Mann is doing some prone activity (likely push-ups) in his room, and the rest of the crew are trying to get some shuteye. Not bad!

I think it'll be a toss-up between fixing some of those aforementioned issues and maybe fixing up a fridge and food items for alternate metabolic actions besides sleeping. This may be getting into one of those fleeting "fun zones" of game development :)

Have a good night, all!


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Will there be a main player character or will everyone be disposable?

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I think we'll have to see in practice which feels better.

Part of me likes the idea of being a captain and having to vet and hire crew, then manage them. Which sort of sounds like a third person limited pov. But I also like the idea of an omniscient third person pov player that knows all crew's actions, like Rimworld or a Joss Whedon ensemble cast.

But we may discover that one is more fun in practice, and that'll likely be the way to go.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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The second option seems to be problematic. The player doesn't have anyone to identify themselves with, and it's less realistic. Someone has to be the captain after all.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool