Crew Emoticons

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was still chock full of bureaucracy, but we did manage to squeeze some fun in here and there. Plus, pizza!

Today, I tried to keep the forward momentum on last week's crew speech bubble UI elements. So I took some advice and skipped reinventing the wheel, instead using the existing NEO Scavenger encounter items to show AI interactions. Here's a preview:


Yup, that looks like a Joss Whedon spaceship crew.

Using the NEO Scavenger icons gives me a chance to move forward with UI positioning tests without having to draw a bunch of new art. And for the most part, the old icons cover all the social situations I have so far. Assuming you guys are seeing the same thing I am. My interpretation of this scene is that Brickell is glaring at Edison about something, while Rodriguez chews out Jones. When I click on Brickell a few moments later, this is the message log I see:

Brickell does a stupid trick for Edison. Edison exclaims excitedly. Brickell asks Edison to hold them. Edison opens their arms to Brickell. Edison defies Brickell. Brickell steps towards Edison, threateningly.

Looks like things were going okay until we caught them, when Edison hurt Brickell's feelings, so Brickell showed her disapproval. This may not be a completely logical interaction, but hey, these AIs are like 5 seconds old each. Plus, they have a total interaction vocabulary of maybe 7 items plus sleeping. They need some development :)

Focusing on the UI, though, this might be a workable solution. I'll probably try to add some generic animations for broad classes of interaction (e.g. talking, shouting, prone, violence, etc.), and see if the icons enhance the animations or if they get in each other's way. I may also consider color-coding the icons so blue is neutral, and red is shouting, or something similar, so a sudden outburst will catch the player's attention.

Going to need a lot of testing and tweaking, I'm sure. But not a bad start!


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Maybe it's just me, but I only see that Brickell is a Goa'uld.

Edit: The other icon is fine.

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