Clean rags and untested water in wounds

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Clean rags and untested water in wounds

Hi, what is better for Philips? In case he is wounded:

A) Put clean rags in the wound or use untested water (lets say taken from a river) in the wounds before applying the clean rags?

B) Put dirty rags or dont put anything?

I've always just used clean rags on wounds, never tried putting water on them...didn't even think of trying it really but it seems like it would make sense.

I'm pretty sure that using dirty rags on an open wound increase the chance of infection compared to using nothing.

I've never cleaned a wound in this game. :P

I only use clean rags and they seem to work just fine. I know you can also clean wounds with whiskey and bark tea. The later being the best option since it can be easily crafted but it requires the botany skill.

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Bark Tea is not "the best" for disinfecting wounds, though, if we talk encumbrance and space. Whiskey is much lighter "per drop", and stacks up to 12 drops a bottle, while bark tea only to 2 drops.

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A)Putting on clean rags but never use untested water, increased chance of infection, Boil it

B) Putting on dirty rags or clean will help it heal, water from a lake and putting on dirty rags is almost suicide :D
Y know...Increased infection chance

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I use clean rags as well. Tried boiled water, whiskey and tannin tea, but didn't really notice any difference to just using clean rags.

Use clean rags and boiled water, it lowers infection chances to a value near nil. The reason why most people don't do it is because they believe that it's not actually that useful but in reality, in adds up over time. The less miscalculated risks you take, the better off you will be. I mean, if you know how the risk and reward system works, you'll find that the game becomes a cakewalk.

So yes, clean water and clean bandages help, also something that people don't consider is that you're supposed to put water on small cuts and antiseptic on large cuts and gashes due to how you've usually met the pain threshold already for that specific body part. Using whisky to clean the wounds actually increases the amount of pain Philip has in the localized area, and if my knowledge on how the pain mechanics work are correct, they lower your combat abilities and make it easier to become encumbered and you are unable to benefit much from sleep (I believe there's an overall threshold that if you meet, you can die or pass out from just pain alone)

Remember ids, don't be afraid to pop two or three prescription pain meds if you're in serious pain, it could literally save your life, A.K.A avoid going into shock.

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