Ups and Downs

Hey folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was busy, as usual. And back at the office, I was in for a bit of a wild ride with a few bumps.

First, the downs:

Chase bank totally pulled the rug from under our feet. Our account became "restricted" last Thursday, and we're basically at their mercy if we need to pay for anything. Our card is on hold, and we have to visit them in person to get cash until they sort out the issue. In short, they didn't like a document we submitted to add Rochelle to my account, and for some reason decided to freeze access to the whole thing. It's been that way since Friday, and they're telling us they won't be able to review the new docs until tomorrow.

I've been a customer there for 16 years, and recently poured all our savings back into an account there upon returning to the US from Canada. We were greeted with a smile and a handshake last week, and now I'm feeling a bit like a refugee or criminal. And their whole "the other department won't look at it until next business day" line is getting old. Suffice to say, they've lost a customer. We'll be looking for a bank that feels a bit more like people work there instead of robots.

Also, my NEO Scavenger mobile dev asked to terminate our contract today. His schedule hasn't allowed him to make much progress lately, and he didn't see that changing soon. I think it's the right call, and we're parting amicably. But it's a bummer, as the project was already running late. I'll be on the lookout for alternatives, as I still want to move forward with a mobile edition. But this was a pretty major setback.

Fortunately, there were some ups!

First, I met with some great indies downtown at the Indies Workshop:


Me looking as diligent as possible.

I toured the space, met some really great folks, talked shop over lunch, and even had delicious cake. (Thanks, Jenn!) Definitely a place I want to get back to once things settle down here a bit.

Also, my Washington state driver's license came in! I'm a real person now!

Also also, the fatally dangerous and/or disfiguring passenger airbag in our old Lancer was fixed! I guess a recall went out recently, and we've been driving around in a shrapnel bomb chamber for 10 years. Who knew? Props to Mitsubishi America for honoring the Mitsubishi Canada recall, free of charge. Nice when a company treats customers well!

And lastly, I got a modicum of space game prototype work done today. Namely, a contract for a potential artist to help me make it look snazzier. More to come on that soon... :)

Quite the day! Hopefully, tomorrow runs a bit smoother. It's a low bar to surpass, after all. Have a good one, everybody!


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Maybe you should ask Rochelle about her dark secret, if that's even her real name? But joke aside, let me quote Bertolt Brecht: What is the burgling of a bank to the founding of a bank?

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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Another reason why I NEVER keep all of my money in one bank, and I never take out loans from the same bank I keep my money in. I love to use local/regional banks as they work hard to keep your business.

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Yeah, I think I may be going local after this. The big box bank experience was great until something went wrong, and then you're a nobody until the paperwork goes through.

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