So, it's not necessarily pretty, but here's the first test of the 2D sprite rig in action:


IIII waaaant myyyy MTV...

I added a second isometric view of the rig so it was a bit easier to tell what's going on. The top left view is what will appear in the game.

So far, I'm pretty optimistic about this approach. It can have some pretty fluid and detailed animations, and still allow modders to create their own clothes, shoes, heads, and other parts without needing to know how to model or rig meshes. And it still allows for the pixel art aesthetic.

I still need to test it with normal maps and lighting. And hook it up to the actual space prototype, for that matter. But not a bad start for 2ish days of work!

And I'm excited to think what an actual animator and pixel artist could do with this setup :)


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Looks good so far. But how will they sleep?

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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I guess it depends on a few factors:

1 - How will the crew sleep, in practice? Zero-G style, standing-up in sleeping harnesses? Or horizontally like surface-dwellers?
2 - If horizontally, will it be on their backs, stomachs, or sides?
3 - How much of their bodies will be visible when sleeping?

Depending on the answers, there may be one or more shortcuts to bypass this problem.

Being prone, however, may necessitate finding a solution anyway. (E.g. dead, unconscious) In that case, it might be sufficient to go with a straight animated solution, where the whole body rotates to be parallel to the floor. Just about all the parts could be made to look okay in that orientation, with tweaking.

Also, I think it's possible to swap sprites during an animation, so I could also swap in a front/back view of the head if needed.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games