cant get isi-ak onto islab

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cant get isi-ak onto islab

So I have a charged islab in one hand, turned on, in the other i have a memory stick with isi-ak on it. I have the hacking skill. Right clicking on the islab shows no 'use' option. Dragging the isi-ak program onto the islab or the spot beneath its battery to the right of it does nothing. I can't make them interact and crack it. Whats the deal?

Cracking programs need to be run on a laptop via the Use option and encounter dialogue system. So before you can crack that islab you'll need to find a laptop and a battery, use the hacking skill to unlock it if it's locked, and then put the cracking program in the laptop's inventory so it'll show up in the list of available actions in the laptop encounter when you Use it.