The Editor Solves a Bug!

Hey Folks! Today, I was able to finish up the data editor, and use it to solve design bugs!

After getting the Conditions editor working, and a few save/load issues, it was time to put the editor to work. And I'm happy to report that it's already paying dividends. First of all, I was able to figure out why my sleep cycle wasn't working correctly. By quickly loading and cross-referencing data types in the editor, I noticed a typo in my sleep "allow" interactions. It was simultaneously adding and subtracting sleep stats each tick, instead of subtracting two. A few clicks and edits, and voila!


After weeks of waiting, Edison finally gets some shuteye!

I also added my first new data field in a long while. The sleep cycle showed the bed's portrait when sleeping concluded (due to the way interactions are chained, the bed allows/denies sleep based on the user's stats). So to make it look less weird, I decided to add a checkbox to make any interaction show the other party's portrait instead. I'm not entirely sure this is a big win on its own, but more importantly, adding new data fields to the game and editor was pretty trivial. So I should be able to change the data formats in the future without much trouble, and this is good news. I expect data formats to change a lot.

This bodes well for more rapid iterations in the near future. I'm looking forward to getting this game design rolling again!