Condition Trigger Editor Running

Hey Folks! I managed to get the condition trigger portion of the editor running today. I'm able to load a trigger from the game data, change values, and have it save the data.

Currently, the editor only shows one trigger at a time. Loading a new one closes the old one. It might be ideal to show more than one, but I'll save that for when I really need it. As a result of this setup, though, I realized I needed to save data whenever I close an object to preserve it's data. Otherwise, the user would have to click "save" every time they switched what they were editing, and risk losing edited data. Users will still have to click "export" to write the data to files, as changes are only in game memory until then.

Also, the export feature revealed an annoying bug today. Many of the trigger values are +/- infinity, and the JSON writer I use doesn't like that. I found myself having to write some special case handlers for single-precision numbers to allow for infinity. I've got this partially working (input), but still need to work on saving them out again to files.

Otherwise, it's going pretty smoothly! Hopefully, I can nail that down tomorrow, and get started on the Conditions themselves, Have a good night, all!