Good To Be Back!

First day back at the desk, and it feels good to be working again. I always get antsy the longer I'm away, and this time was no exception. Combine that with the stress of moving household across an international border, and you have one anxious developer :)

Most of the morning was spent catching-up on emails and forum posts, and the administrative tasks that go along with it. Nothing too exciting, though I did manage to finish negotiating a contract for a web development firm to help me relaunch the site. It'll be an ongoing project over the next few months, but when it's done, there will be a new site. And importantly, people who are not me to call on if I need emergency work or maintenance done :)

With that out of the way, I returned to working on the data editor. This time, porting the Interaction editing tools to be useful on Conditions and Condition Triggers. So far, this is more tedium than challenge. Mocking-up a new UI in Unity's editor, and starting to hook up the logic, which is largely copy-pasted from the Interaction code.

However, it might force me to make some changes to the editor's architecture to better support multiple data types. I'm hoping that won't be too extensive, though. Just some minor changes.

More on that tomorrow. For now, however, it's back to my second job of late...