Still Moving! Also, Site Maintenance.

Hey Folks! Checking-in to let you know I'm still in the process of moving. We're in Seattle now at a hotel, we've received the keys for our new rental house, and the movers arrive tomorrow with our stuff! Plus, I think most of our utilities are lined-up, and I should have power, internet, water, etc. ready to go. The home office may still take a day or three to unpack, though :)

Also, I apologize for the extended site maintenance. I have a periodic cron run to do things like database backup, search indexing, etc., but it got stuck and never switched the site back on again afterward. It seems to happen once in a while, so I'll have to sort that out once I'm setup in the new office.

Probably a few more days yet of unpacking to do, but I hope to resume normal operations soon. I'm anxious to get back to work!