An account of an unremarkable man

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An account of an unremarkable man

The man named Philip Kindred took his first breath in the new world in the throes of a violent seizure. His second breath, followed by his third, were met with unimaginable agony. Clenching his teeth and waiting for the convulsions to cease, his mind was flooded with information. Everything that he had once held within his mind was racing back into the empty cavity with such force that even the very core of his being was shaken. His body was strained to its limit as past memories and experiences were endlessly and forcefully pressed into his consciousness, trying to get him to remember.

A entire lifetime's worth of knowledge was being directly injected into Philip Kindred's mind and his body was rejecting it. His eyes were bloodshot and his muscles were clenched so tightly you could see the blood running through his veins. He convulsed and contorted himself, trying to drown out the cacophony of his mind. Letting loose an unearthly howl, which was met with further silence as he could not open his mouth on account of his teeth being so tightly clenched, Kindred dug his fingernails into his wrists and pulled against his restraints like a caveman, reduced to primal instincts. All that occupied his mind at that time were two thoughts. Stop the pain and Escape.

The pain seemed endless, like a pit, a pit so immense that it drowned out even light itself. Philip endured this pain for what seemed like an eternity. The body and soul were defeated. Philip lay in silence as waves of indescribable agony washed over his body and felt as if this was the end. He shook violently in restraints without uttering a word. He thought he could feel tears streaming down his face. Kindred, in his final moments of absolute sanity, prayed to a higher being for redemption.

As if prayers were heard, the attacks ceased as if someone simply flicked a switch. The pain vanished and the fog that had clouded mind up until now faded. Kindred drew his fourth breath in the new world and nearly passed out from exhaustion. His mind still hazy, He tensed up in anticipation of what could be a second wave of seizures. His eyes darting around the room like a soldier with a stress disorder, Seconds passed, though to him they seemed like eons. As he waited in absolute silence, A cold sweat dripped down his forehead and for the first time in the new world he began to realize he was alive and he began to assess his surroundings. He looked down at his wrist, and saw the band tied around it. On it said his name, though how he knew it was his name was unknown to him.

Around his ankles, forearms, and neck were old-school style leather restraints. The kind that you saw in movies when the insane patient was being operated on and everything went to shit. Was Philip that insane person? Above him, an unfamiliar voice said in a tone that lacked any identifiable emotion said these words, "Hello Mr. Philip Kindred. It is the year 2021. Welcome to Gyges Cyro Facility, we hope you enjoyed your stay"

Philip Kindred screamed, though no one was around to hear it.

"Shoe hoarding since 1987"